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Old 21-06-12
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Default Diesel fuel leak

Wanted to share with you an experience I had today with my Pajero (NH 2.5l turbo diesel).
Yesterday afternoon, parked the car to pick up kids from school, turned engine off, noticed some fumes coming from under the bonnet on the passenger side. Had a quick look around the pump area - nothing obvious - mental note to check when I get home.
This time popped the bonnet again, strong smell of fuel, so climbed up onto bullbar for a better look & then found a small pool of fuel sitting around number 2 injector.
So today, took car up to my dad's workshop, took off intercooler & check tightness of the fuel pipes (4 pipes that go from behind injector pump to fuel injector), all tight. Couldnt get a spanner onto injectors, so I removed the 4 fuel pipes & the glow plug rail to make some room.
The injectors were in tight.
Now in simple terms the injector body is in two pieces which screw into each other, when the injector is screwed into the head it is sealed by a washer but this to seal compression only. Where the two pieces of the injector body screw in together it is a 'metal to metal' fit.
Although I couldnt get them any more tighter, we tried something else - we loosened (cracked the thread) of the injector body.
I was then able to tighten all the injectors, say an average of an extra 1/4 turn. Put everything back together, prime the lines, let engine idle - no leaks. Re-check after driving home from workshop - NO LEAKS!!

My back is killing me but the bourbon & coke will hopefully help that!

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Old 21-06-12
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Hi mate just sounds like it needed a tighten up glad you stopped it leaking
Formely 93 NH Pajero LWB, 3.0L V6 NOW OWN 2004 GU Patrol Wagon T/Diesel 3LT
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Old 22-06-12
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You should still keep an eye on it as simply putting more pressure on the seals will stop leaks if your lucky as you are, but it can also cause a complete failure at a later stage.
Some of the involved parts are not really designed to be tightend without a proper NM settings anyway
So a better choice if you take all out and apart anyway would be to use a good sealant like the aircraft stuff from Autobarn.
This way you can stick to recommended NM settings and still be on the safe side when it comes to having a proper seal.
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