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Old 01-10-10
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Question Sunroof repair

I have just bought a 93 NH LWB. I know there are other threads on fixing a leaking sunroof. Most everyone is saying silicone it up. Mine is not leaking, but the seal does need replacing. Yes there is rust behind the seal and it is a powered sunroof. I would like to be able to still open it on nice days and I am wondering how to get it repaired or where to go to get it repaired. Any help would be appreciated.
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Old 01-10-10
tinman tinman is offline
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Well when mine was busted, i decided to give it a go myself and fix it , not such a hard job if your semi competent with the tools.

You need to take the roof lining out basically if you want to remove the sunroof.
that involves removing the internal sunroof plastic, side trim and window trim , seatbelts front and rear, rear interior lights, rear roof plastic mould, ashtrays, rear view mirror, sun visors, front interior light etc. and yes it all does have to come out if you want access sadly. once in there you will be able to see the motor etc which will need to be removed and unplugged. once this is done it should be a matter of removing the screws, holding the sunroof in. Once there out be prepared for a rather heavy long and cumbersome object ie glass and surround and pass it out the back door. Take seals out, Try to keep as much of the non rusted parts as possible, fish oil it, then depending on the condition get the new seals, grab a small bit of clear slicone type adhesive and redo the seals back in. Once done place the sunroof back in and reverse the process.
The other option is you can use the manual overide (as long as the runners arent shot) and take the interior light cover off out put the dog leg looking hex driveer that should be in your oem toolbox in and manual open it up..

Hope that helps

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Old 02-10-10
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Gday guys,

Thanks for the info Tinman, I just bought a 92 NH with a sunroof and mine is rusted to the max, when i try to open it it will only move an 25cm or so before it jams up.
Looks like mine will stay in the closed position for a while having read your post!!!!

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