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Old 16-06-10
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Default Cabin air filter doesn't exist?

Hi all, I spoke to the car dealer service people only to find out that even the latest Pajero doesn't have a cabin pollen air filter. Is this true?
Sometimes I can smell the un-burnt petrol being released through exhaust of vehicles driving in front of me and it's sickening breathing all that polluted air into the lungs. My only solution is to leave one window open to draw out those bad air and enable recycled air. Surely the Pajero must be more equipped than my old Subaru Forester with the cabin air pollen filter behind the glove box or maybe not!
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Old 16-06-10
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A pollen filter won't stop the rotten egg gas smell. Won't do anything for exhaust fume type pollution as the particles are too small to be filtered by a pollen filter as most of them are just a pleated paper filter like your engine air intake filter.
Cheers, John.
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Old 16-06-10
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You need a carbon filter. Some luxury cars have them.
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Old 16-06-10
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Originally Posted by marquis View Post
You need a carbon filter. Some luxury cars have them.
Even basic cars have them now. My 2007 VW Jetta has one that is renewed every 60,000 k's and it takes out most of the smell from the air. It doesn't stop thick diesel smoke like when following a bus, but I produce enough thick diesel smoke myself (chipped VW diesel) so I can't really complain.
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Old 16-06-10
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??, even remember Mitsubishi recommendation was to drive in dirt roads with the outside air intake open to minimize dust in the cabin, this was due to positive pressure created and the filter blocking the dust coming from the could try and look where the filter is supposed to be, think is behind the glovebox?...can someone confirm where should it be?

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Old 16-06-10
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Some of the NT's are meant to have a cabin air filter according to the specs. If it is anything like the 120 series Prado's, only the upper spec had them fitted, but the lower specs had the empty slot where one should go. So you could ask your dealer if it can be bought as a spare for an NT Exceed and fitted to your NT X?

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Old 16-06-10
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Our NS pajero has a filter in the a/c unit. I would assume the NT pajero has them too
if you remove the glove box, it sits in behind that. i think 2 small screws hold it in.
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Old 17-06-10
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According to MMA all spec levels havea pollen filter.

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