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Old 08-06-10
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Default Strange noise from wheel - MK Triton

Hi guys,

my Triton developed this very strange noise when driving about 3 weeks ago. Seems to be coming from the RHS Front.

At first it was very seldom, then more and more - now its there all the time above 30-40km/h.
Its like a squeeky, scratchy noise and is very much 'rotationally' sound (you can hear it like the wheel rotation). What is strange also is that it can have a break in it - very short - 5 seconds and then back at it.

I've had the car up, i've checked just about everything and even changed brake pads, lubricated all moving parts etc - can't find it. When i lift the car you can't hear it - when driving its there every time.

Im basically stuck and think now its the wheel bearing... has anyone ever had this issue? How hard is it to change the wheel bearing? Can i get just the bearing or do I have to change the whole hub?


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Old 08-06-10
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was gonna post up on P4x4, but ill jsut post here.

It doesnt sound like a wheel bearing from that description.

No marks on the inside of the rim? or its possibly a noise from a dust sheild on one of the CV joints.
Theres also usually a couple of metal shims where the brake pads sit in the anchor bracket which can easily move and touch the discs.

Any play in the wheel bearings? wiggling the wheel up and down on a jack?
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Old 08-06-10
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no marks anywhere, we checked the dust shield, checked the metals like the shims etc - sprayed them with the anti-squeal stuff as well as the new pads.

There is a little bit of play on the bearing up and down, but its the same on both sides.

I'll go to a place around the corner tomorrow and see if they might have any ideas might be something they have come across before. otherwise it will be a wait before something breaks...
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Old 26-08-10
stndby stndby is offline
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maybee the control arms

had a simillar problem on a holden vx was told the control arms and sterring rack was gone
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Old 27-08-10
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are you sure it's the wheel?

wind up the windows, turn off the stereo, watch the speedo needle and see if it jerks/pules at the same rate as the squeaking noise.
if it does, then change the speedo cable.

mine had a similar problem with the squeaking noise and it took me months to chase it down, i only found it one day when i noticed the speedo needle bouncing around a bit. there was another thread about a similar incident on another forum ( think it was 4wd monthly ) recently and it was the speedo cable.

[edit] found the thread
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