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Old 13-01-19
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Default Intermittant engine issue.

Seems my Nl SOHC 6G74 has developed a strange issue.

1. car splutters between 1700-2800ish rpm.
2. ONLY in 4 and 5th if you accelerate hard from 1700 the car splutters and runs rough all the way through to 4000 wasn't game to go higher.
3. 1-3 the car is rough 1700-2800ish stablizes by 3500 and it pulls hard from there.
4. After driving 300KMs in 40C heat with aircon, the car splutters at idle.

Thinking it is the TPS?

The splutter feels like fuel starvation but also a slight timing misfire.

05/97 NK 3.5L DOHC - DEAD
02/00 NL 3.5L SOHC
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