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Old 27-02-20
kevinsavage kevinsavage is offline
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Default hesitates while driving

Hi all, I have a small issue with my NP 3.8 petrol. it runs well for weeks at a time then for some reason, usually while the Mrs is driving it, it will suddenly loose power for a split second. it feels as though the accelerator has backed off momentarily. it recently went for a about 4 weeks without issue then this morning while the wife was taking me to the airport it felt as though she had taken her foot off the gas then came back on and carried on as though nothing had happened and she tells me it did it a few more times on the way home after she dropped me off. no fault codes have ever appeared. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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Old 27-02-20
paj04 paj04 is offline
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I have had the same issue with my 3.8, but this was after I tried fitting an iDrive, having severe hesitations, then removing it shortly there after. For a while after it was removed I was experiencing the same issue as you're describing, but it went away after a while without really finding the true cause of the problem (typical).

I'm not sure if it's worth disconnecting the battery for a period of time to reset the ECU and seeing if during the "relearning" process it resets the parameters for the drive by wire throttle inputs?

Kind of clutching at straws there, but maybe worth a shot?
2004 NP Pajero Exceed 3.8 | Bilstein / Lovells MD 40mm Lift |
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Old 27-02-20
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Default hesitates while driving

I have similar issue. While accelerating exactly at 1500rpm it seems to miss-fire only once (or a flat spot). It happens mainly in lower gears at slow speeds (while cornering or coming out of a corner). I have been revving a bit more between gears now and it rarely happens. It is not overly concerning and no errors or engine light have ever appeared. Hope this helps.
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