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Do It Yourself Projects Anything that you have made up yourself. Rear storage systems etc

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Old 29-07-19
GeoCal GeoCal is offline
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Default My Rear Shelf & 7th Seat arrangement

Rear Shelf:
After seeing a shelf in another thread, I thought to myself that this has got to be the way I set up the back of my car.
As I can be a muppet sometimes and carry some heavy things, I thought it best to build it out of steel as I wasnít sure the aluminium pieces would be strong enough for my needs.
Measured up and dry fitting the pieces to see if it would work.

Then off to work to weld it all together.

Test fit:

Note to self, when you get halfway through and you think to yourself,
"huh, the welds donít look like they normally do."
Go home and sleep on it rather than just finishing the job. That way you donít have to go home swearing...
Had to recut everything (good thing I grabbed HEAPS of extra steel) and reweld. This time, with the MIG gas valve wide open! DOH!
The frame came up a treat after grinding off the excess welds and a lick of paint.

The frame bolts into the floor of the car with long bolts after removing and reusing the carís tie down points. A little piece of carpet with a hole through it makes it all look that little bit neater.

Behind the center seats, the car at the left and right is a different height to the center, I notched out the left and right hand floor bars to accommodate for the variance.

Lengths of Steel used:
2x - 525mm, Bottom Left and right (notched out)
3x - 1010mm, Back Bottom, Back Top, Middle Top
1x - 1115mm, Top Front
4x - 230mm, Uprights
2x - 273mm, Uprights Front
1x - 340mm, Back top Support
2x - 245mm, Front top Supports

Density 25x25x2 = 1.36kg/m
20x20x2 = 1.05kg/m
Paint: $7.89
Screws: $4.46
12mm Plywood: $52.25 (Only need 50%, Other part can be used for what I did below)
Steel: $35ish

Cut a hole for little feet's anchor strap to go through using 2 hole saw cuts and a jigsaw to join them together.
Bit of liquid nails, a staple gun, and covered it in carpet and there you go!

Also, with this design, you can still fully lift and remove the cover for the 7 seats!
The standard Nylex recycle tubs fit under perfectly without pinching fingers.

If anyone wants the first piece I did, you are welcome to it! The welds will hold (i jumped on it) they just dont look as neat.
In the process of getting a fridge slide to mount on the top.
Also, the LED bars have arrived. There will be a set of LED lights secured under the shelf to illuminate underneath, updated post to follow.

Not too bad for an IT guy...

'Out of sight, out of mind'
I carry a few tools day to day and needed a place they all fitted, didnt knock around, and were out of the way.
Well, after cutting the rear shelf timber to fit, I had plenty of plywood to knock something together.
12mm is a bit excessive for this purpose, but it's what was lying around after the shelf build above.
The design of the rear shelf allows the cover to be lifted up fully and removed with ease.
The part organisers are from Bunnings, and the main tool bag with the hand tools sit's up the back shelf.
Some of the recovery gear and shackles on the right, and the jumper leads on the left fill up the remaining dead sapce.

There is little pieces of leftover carpet for the tools to sit on so that they dont get rubbing marks on them.
Take points off for not painting it a nice colour, but it's functional!
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Old 29-07-19
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Hatto Hatto is offline
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Nice job mate. Looks perfectly fit for purpose.
Cheers, Hatto

2012 NW GLS Diesel Auto with:
ARB delux bar, full length Ocam ally roof rack with rear LED work light, dual batteries, DIY rear ally drawers with fridge slide, 2" lift oztec/kings, Polyairs, Kings awning 2.5 x 2.5m with LED strip light, pair of genr8 40w LED spot/flood driving lights, iron man 4x4 22" LED light bar, mounted thumper compressor, 70L water tank & 12v pump, 120w solar, LED interior lights, Boo Boo's bash plates, Safari snorkel and Grande mk lll 12000lb winch.
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Old 30-07-19
Garc Garc is offline
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How do you hold the front of the frame down?

2008 NS DiD Exceed. MM factory alloy full bar, Autosafe cargo barrier, Roley's rear bash plate, Uniden 8080 UHF, Baintech powertop aux battery in cargo area (removable), Jaycar battery isolator, fire ext mounted in place of rear door handle, Redarc EBC, BushSkinz IC & sump. ARB Frontier replacement fuel tank, Pedders track rider suspension. Lockup Mate.
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Old 30-07-19
paceman paceman is offline
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looks awesome, mate...

which bits are the 25x25 and which are the 20x20?

also, can you elaborate on the 'notched' parts?
Paceman's NT Pajero
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Old 31-07-19
GeoCal GeoCal is offline
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The front & rear of the frame is held down using the 4 cargo tie down points, there are 2 at the back of the second seats, and 2 when you open the rear door.
4 bolts holds the whole shelf down.

The notched section looks like this:

Sorry its a crappy photo, I just ran outside. This is also a picture of my 'test' piece.
The 20x20 vs 25x25 figures were there for my notes, all of this was made in 25x25.
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