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Old 21-05-12
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Default Gearbox Breather Valve Location (Installing Diff and Gearbox Breather Kit)

hey guys, just recently purchased a BRC Competition breather kit for my gearbox, transfer case, and front and rear diffs.

i have since taken it to a mechanic to get installed however he assures me that he cant fit breather lines to the existing gearbox breather valves as they are already located up high near the dust cover between the gearbox and the gearstick? is this true?

has anyone else fitted breather kits to their gearbox, or transfer case?
is it possible?

cheers in advance
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Wish List: Snorkel; 2 & 1/4" Exhaust with Extractors and High Flow Cat.
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Old 21-05-12
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Gday Olsen Here is what i done and there are a few pics with it too. I didnt run a front diff breather as its pretty high up in the engin bay.

Hope this helps

Adventure b4 Dementure
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Old 21-05-12
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Defiantly achievable!
Iv seen a few posts on breathers for the gearbox and transfer case ,I
Can't remember but I think they use the same breather? Located under the inspection plate in the car on top of the box,maybe have to modify few things but yea search the forum and best of luck!
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Old 21-05-12
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Thanks to m1s3ry Here is a thread on how to do it with heaps of pictures.

So seeing that i've extended the breathers for both diffs up high in the engine bay, i though it was time that the gearbox/transfer case got the same treatment.

Bits needed:

2 - 3 meters of 5/16" hose
1 fuel filter
1 90 deg 5/16" barb fitting (1/4" tread)
Hose clamps/cable ties
Plumbing tape
Gasket Goo
Basic tools

The first thing you will need to do is remove all the center console parts so that you can remove the gearstick boot and the two gear sticks. 8 bolts and the gear sticks can be removed, it's also much easier for re-installation if you put the car in neutral/4H. 4 more bolts and you'll be able to remove the plate with the breather.

You'll need to hold back the rubber boot to access the bolts that hold in the gear sticks:

This is the plate that covers the housing between the gearbox and the transfer case:

The little black rubber mushroom is the factory breather and is just pressed into the hole. BTW, the plate has been wire brushed, hence the shininess

You will need to drill the hole out to a larger size as it's a bit too big for a 1/8th fitting and a bit too small for the 1/4 inch fitting. In a perfect world i would have drilled and tapped the correct thread into the hole, but this is not one so i just drilled the hole a little under size for the thread and screwed the fitting into it, the plate is alloy

This is the fitting "screwed" into the plate:

The fitting was a bit too long thread wise so i cut off on the underside to keep it flush. It would have just fitted back in the housing without cutting it, but i wanted it nice and flush.

The fitting cut and filed down flush:

Next i attached the hose with a hose clamp and it's ready to go back into the car.

This is what it covers:

Put a nice bead of Gasket Goo around the underside of the plate and replace the 4 bolts that hold the plate down.

Next comes the fun part, running the hose under the car and up into the engine bay.

Cable tieing ad-nauseum.

The last thing you need to do is decide where you want to mount the filter. You can see where i have mounted mine (The clean one) up high on the fire wall beside the two diff breathers.

All done:

This concludes today's lesson.
3.0L 97NK SWB. 2"Body Lift,Front & Rear ARB Air Lockers, ARB Air Compressor,Front & Rear Diff Breathers Under Bonnet, Aisin Free Wheeling Hubs, ARB Steel Winch Bar & 9500lbs Winch, Tyres 265/75 R16 BF Goodrich Mud T/A KM2, UHF, 2" Suspension lift,Koni Adjustable Shocks,Lovells Coil Springs,New Torsion Bars,PolyAir Bags, Tinted Windows, Snorkel,Rock Sliders with Side Rails, Piranha DBE180S Dual BatterySystem,Drifta Rear Draws Installed, 27 Watt LED Rear Light, LightForce Genesis,32"LED Light Bar.
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