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Old 03-02-20
Iain01 Iain01 is offline
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Default NT Rear Air con woes

Hi Everyone,

Just bit the bullet and bought an NT Pajero today to finally save a bit on fuel - old Jackaroo was a great car but the fuel was killing us.

We have an odd problem though with the rear air con - two actually that I cannot find a solution to on any other thread.

First is that the rear switch for the aircon does not function - we can turn it on and off with the front control, but you can press the rear switch all day long but it makes no difference. I am wondering if the rear switch should have a click feel when you press it - ours is just pushing against the spring with no switch type feel to it at all.

The second is a more complicated problem. The rear air con does not adjust between the top and bottom vents. I understand that it should blow from the bottom on hot and top on cold - ours only blows out of the bottom regardless of where the temp dial is. I have taken off the covers to get to the rear air con unit and also taken out the switch unit to check things over. The variable resistor on the controller is functioning as expected when tested with a multi meter and the damper motor does turn when power is given directly to the motor (bypassing all other circuitry), but when it is all plugged together, the damper does budge at all (the damper flap moves freely when disconnected from the motor). It seems like it should be a very simple solution, but the more I get into the workings the more complicated the system is becoming.

I am hoping that someone else has had a similar issue and found an easy solution that could save me some headaches - I am almost ready to lock the damper into the most desired location, or remove it all together, and tell the kids to be grateful for some cool air in the back, but I would really like to fix it properly if at all possible.
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Old 04-02-20
DaveH DaveH is offline
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The controls for the rear air con that are in the center console can be removed. It might be worth taking them out and seeing if the connector has come off. From memory taking the control panel out is a bit fiddly and tight on space.

Re the air coming out. I did not know there was a bottom vent for the rear air con. Mine only ever comes out of the top vents near the roof, which I thought was normal. I will be interested to see what others say on this.
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Old 04-02-20
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Alben Alben is offline
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The vents in the roof operate when set to cool, and the ones in the floor in front of the middle row seats operate when set to warm as far as i know. If you are sitting in the middle row with the system running with the fan on full you should notice the difference when moving the dial ftom hot to cold. I witnessed this when riding in the middle row of my parents NW with my niece the other day during a 40 plus day. She thought it was fun to play with the dials and turn it to heat. 😬
You could notice the vents above the doors stop blowing air when tjis was done.
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Old 04-02-20
Iain01 Iain01 is offline
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Thanks for the response and just to clarify some points. I have removed the control panel, that's how I was able to test the variable resistor (actually it is a Potentiometer as all three terminals are in use, you learn something new every day) that controls the hot and cold settings and should be controlling the signal to change between the top and bottom vents (yes, top for cold and bottom for hot). The connection is good and there is a voltage getting to the rear damper motor when the setting is turned all the way to the hot setting - no voltage until the dial is turned all the way and then 12 volts is present. There are three other wires that also go into the damper motor and I do not know where they come from - there is no voltage present in those at any time no matter how much I fiddle with the controls.
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Old 07-02-20
scotty693 scotty693 is offline
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I think your problems are in the wiring, have you checkec full continuity between the wires from the controller to the actuators? and as for the on switch on the controller, have you checked if the switch is working on the controller and the controller has power?

check this
this has an drop down for HVAC and a drop down for the rear system, also gives you the values for testing components.

Let us know how you go
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