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Old 22-01-20
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Default Brake Pedal Travel

What is acceptable brake pedal travel on an NX. Last year the warranty service was carried out by the stealer ship and brake fluid was changed. After that the pedal travel was further than previous. Complained and they and they achieved a little more but still not the same as previous. I put up with this. Another service is due but not at the stealer ship as I was not very happy with them. The present travel is about half way. The brake pads are fine Current mileage 39k
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Old 22-01-20
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When my previous NW had the fluid changed, it came back with the pedal further down & softer than before it was done. When it was re-bled it was back to normal.

I suspect sometimes mechanics don't bleed brakes for long enough or check that no bubbles are still coming out (like we did in the old days of DIY servicing).

I also wonder if some leave the old fluid in the reservoir which then goes into the system when they bleed it? I have quizzed them on this, as they only show 1 x 500ml bottle of fluid on the invoice, which doesn't seem enough to me given the amount in the reservoir, etc. Perhaps someone who has done this work themselves on these cars can comment on how much fluid is needed to replace it all properly?
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Old 22-01-20
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Closer to three (500ml) bottles.

I found I couldn't drain the reservoir to empty by syphoning/sucking due to a mesh screen about half way down. Maybe I missed something. I suppose you get the rest of that out by pulling it through the system but I was quite cognisant of drawing air into the system at the reservoir.
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Old 22-01-20
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Sounds like still got some air in the system
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