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General Info Pros and cons of different makes and models (incl. international)

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Old 31-08-18
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I have a challenger pa that I have owned for about 6 years, and have recently purchased a Pajero NX as well . I'm amazed at how much quieter the challenger is as far as road and suspension noise . I am guessing that is because the challenger has a full chassis .
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Old 31-08-18
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I have a MY13 NW Pajero and a MY13 Outlander. The Outie is the very base model - 2WD manual transmission, but it is NOISY. Road noise mainly. It is terrible. Not sure if it the tyres (Dunlop HT) or the design of the beast, but I really don't like it at all. The car has over 75000 km on it now, but he tyres will last till well over 100000 km, so it is going to be noisy for quite a while yet.

The Pajero is by far the better car to drive - even my wife says this, but she doesn't like the steering - it is too heavy. The tyres on the Pajero are now Hankook AT and they are surprisingly quiet. Maybe when they wear down they mat get noisier, but the rears have 43000 km on them now and they are still no that noisy, especially given the tread pattern. There are times when the Pajero does get noisy - corrugations or gravel roads for example, but overall, the Pajero is a most relaxing car to drive.
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Old 08-09-18
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Default pajero road noise in cab

Originally Posted by Ian H View Post
If you want road noise, try my wife's Mazda 2. The Paj is a lot quieter than that thing,

Or the 3-cylinder daihatsu charade my wife owned once. Or the Mazda 121 (box shape) she owned soon after.

We took our NX out to Young recently (4.5hrs) with ATs on bitumen and found it extremely enjoyable at freeway speeds in terms of interior noise levels. Could very readily have a conversation with the wife without raising voices.

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Old 08-09-18
Scrambler Scrambler is offline
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Default Luuuuxury

I have owned twice as many Land Rovers (Series IIA, Series III, 110 County and Defender) as Pajeros and frankly you guys are whingers ;-)

I've sold the Defender now and my wife reports being able to speak, rather than shout, at highway speeds. The Series IIA will depart to a new owner soon. It has earmuffs in it for highway speed: which is only 80km/hr. No joke and no choice.

Both of those have full chassis. :-D
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Old 25-11-18
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Default My Ď16 NX ownership experience

Originally Posted by Lyonsy View Post
Is their any reason why nw and nx pajero's have such bad road noise in the cab ?

I have taken 2 for test drives now one exceed and one gx and both were nice but the road noise on coarse chip roads is horrible after 20 mins it was giving me and the misses a headache
so is their anything you can do to improve this?

One had highway Tyre's the other had at's very little difference between the 2 in regards to differance in noise.

Or is it just the nature of mono-cog body and they haven't isolated the the k frame's and suspension enough?

Also we took one manual and one auto and the auto at idle and giving it too it was much harsher in the cab and you could feel the engine vibrating, which is strange as the manual had over 200k while the auto was under a 100k, it's all most like the manual had fluid engine mounts and the auto had nolathane mounts.

also took a pajero sport for a drive and it was much quieter then a pajero but where the pajero cab felt a little squishy in the sport in felt tiny (but slightly better then a wrangler) and the seats were terrible both mine and misses back was sore after 20mins driving,
oh and who ever designed the center console needs to be shot to

challenger felt like an upgrade over the pajero sport in the inertia design and function if not looks and would of been the pick imo but the seat doesn't raise enough to get my legs comfortable.

so unless their is a way to dramatically reduce road noise in the cab of the pajero i am going to have to go prado way which i did not really want to as too many engine issues for my liking.
Thought Iíd share my ownership experience after 2 years since new. Thereís been quite a few disappointments largely NVH and comfort particularly the engine/driveline and drivers seat respectively. Havenít solved the driveline issues but have refitted the drivers footrest that was removed for cost cutting and have had the drivers seat reshaped. The Pajero in my opinion is both good and bad and when you are disappointed with it you have to reflect on its attributes and the fact that itís is $10k less than the equivalent Prado. Cabin room and flexibility are strong points as is economy and reliability. Some issues are fixable and I hope other issues will be too after some diligent research.
Iíve asked on this forum about some of my issues which present as cabin noise and it would seem that the earlier gen 4s were pretty sorted but with the upgrade of gearbox and engine in later gen 4s the NVH has become an issue. This will be my focus of research.
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