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BushSkinz 4x4 For all your underneath protection.

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Old 08-12-11
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Talking Bushskinz +1

[I apologize in advance for the length of this thread. But I assure you, it's worth the read. ]

It's already common knowledge on this forum just how good the Bushskinz bash plates and rock sliders are. But given two recent experiences I just had, I really wanted to take the opportunity to reiterate this fact.

Recently, I had a minor issue with my bash plates. A quick email to Kieron, and he had the matter sorted in a couple of weeks. Now I understand, that on the surface, everyone is going to read this and say to themselves, "yea, so?" But I strongly feel that in todays world where quality customer service seems to be disappearing at such an extraordinary rate, for an issue to be dealt with so quickly, painlessly and without question truly deserves mention. All of this took place while I was also personally experiencing both the "oil spill" and "rust" issues already discussed on this forum. So to have yet another issue put on my plate and then have it dealt with so effortlessly, meant the world to me. Thank you Kieron!

The other experience is my recent trip to Fraser Island. (Very recent, I just got back 4 hours ago. Pics to come.) Having the plates and rock sliders gave me additional peace of mind on this trip. While there, we got absolutely hammered with storms and the inland tracks were literally waterfalls and rivers. So knowing I had the expensive bits protected every time I heard a ding or thud mad me smile. But this isn't even the best part. We headed north up the Eastern Beaches, crossed Eli creek to check out the wreck and then headed back. Now our initial crossing of Eli creek went very smoothly. Low tide, an easy line... One of those crossing where when you come back to it, you don't even think twice. You just go through. My mistake. Despite it being low tide, the rain was falling so hard and Eli was flowing so fast that the crossing was changing considerably every few minutes. A line you took earlier, no longer safe. Those tracks left by a 4wd gone before, worth a closer look. Me? Didn't do any of that. So when the entire front end of my Pajero disappeared under that water because I found a hole, needless to say my passengers and I were taken a little by surprise. Fortunately, I had a few things going my way.
  1. Loads of luck!
  2. Was in 4HLc due to the very sloppy conditions. (not much hard pack out there)
  3. Enough momentum so that when I smashed the pedal to the floor and that beautiful diesel roared to life the Pajero was able to push through and pop out the other side. And when I say "pop", I mean it. At one point all we could see out of the front window was sky.
Now lastly, but certainly not least, I had another thing going for me. My intercooler guard from Bushskinz! Unbeknownst to me at the time, that guard saved me. Well, maybe not me; but certainly my wallet. Although I never heard any large thuds or bangs at the time, it would seem that as my front end dove into the hole it proceeded to shovel a whole lot of sand out of the way. So much in fact, that my front guard now has a nice curve in it. Yup, I bent my front guard. 3mm steel bent and not a spec of damage to any other part of the vehicle. I went over it with a fine tooth comb after washing it and everything is fine. Even the little cooling fins of the intercooler are unbent and in perfect shape. I shudder to think of the damage had I not had that guard. Thanks again Kieron!

I know what it's like for a new Pajero owner. You want to take it off-road and your trying to decide, "what should I buy first? Suspension? Bullbar? Tyres?" But the single, most important thing to buy is bash plates. If you don't and you damage your vehicle, it's going to take that much longer to save up for your next upgrade. Even my local Mitsubishi Service Manager said that he wished more Pajero owners would replace their running boards with proper sliders and install bash plates, as it would save them from so much grief down the road. I underlined that because I've read on this forum where people aren't certain what their Service Center will say if they install bash plates. Well, the underlined bit is what they should be saying. If they aren't? Take it somewhere else because they obviously don't have your best interests at heart. Which takes me to my next point.

There has been a lot of issues cropping up lately on this forum and when I say "issues" I don't want people to think I'm making light of anything. On the contrary, everyone one of these issues has been genuine and I have even had the privilege of participating in some of them. (oil spill, rust) I've even been frustrated at times and shared my feelings on this forum. But I have yet to be let down by my Mitsubishi Service Manager. Every issue has been dealt with promptly and professionally which is far more than I can say for BMW, Mazda or a number of other brands I have owned. I continue to be impressed by the service I have been getting from Mitsubishi and those who support the Mitsubishi community (like Kieron). My only concern now, is, my Service Manager was doing such a great job he has been given an opportunity to move on to bigger and better things and now I have to break in the new guy! With so much happening these days, it's all too easy to focus on the negative experiences. But every once in a while, we should remind ourselves that there are good people out there too!

So I want everyone to use this thread to share some of the positive experiences they have had.
2010 Pajero DiD Auto RX
Factory Fit: 17" wheels, Towbar, DVD Player.

Aftermarket: ARB Deluxe Bullbar, Warn 9.5XP Winch, Lightforce 210 Genesis Lights, TJM Airtec Snorkel, Dual Battery System, Lovells & Koni Suspension (50mm lift), Diff Breathers, Bushskinz, Rock Sliders, GME TX3540 UHF, GME AE4018K1 Antenna.
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Old 08-12-11
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Old 08-12-11
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Yep Iam another one who has been saved considerable expence by Kierons Bushskinz Bash plates. They are great, I really need to get the sliders some time.
Travel safe


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MY10 Pajero Platnium with bits now sold to Spiderpig.
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Old 08-12-11
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BushSkinz 4x4
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Thanks Guys you are too kind

Just off the top of my head your Intercooler guard was one of the new 4mm guards so probably lucky you didn't have a 3mm Intercooler guard from the sounds of it. Also thanks for the heads up about Fraiser I was hoping to go there after new years.... Hopefully it is still as interesting as you found it.....

Thanks again guys glad to help where I can.

2012 Holden RG Colorado LX 2.8L Auto "Rad Rado"
Snorkel, Bilstein & Kings 50mm Lift, Custom Sliders, BushSkinz Underbody Protection, UHF, ARB Compressor, Ironman Bull Bar, Ironman 9500lb Rope Winch, Ironman HID Spotties, BFG KM2 Muddies.

Retired: NS Pajero Exceed 3.8L

Retired: NS SWB X DiD "The BushSkinz lil Paj"

Retired: NM Pajero 3.5L[/SIZE]
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Old 09-12-11
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I too would like to endorse Kieron's excellent customer service after I had an issue with my sliders which he sorted out without hesitation and with a minimum of fuss and inconvenience.

Thanks again Kieron.

NT, Activ, DiD, Manual, factory rear diff lock, ARB Colour-coded Deluxe Bar, Warn M8000s, full set of BushSkinz, SandGrabbers, LightForce 170s, Bilstein/Lovells with 2" lift, Airtech snorkel, dual battery with CTEK D250S Dual, custom Tradesman roof-rack, MSA bag & FoxWing Awning
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Old 09-12-11
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Ditto for all praise to Kieron. He helped me enormously when I was getting the mods done to the NT earlier this year. A real asset to the forum and it's members.


2010 MY11 NT RX Diesel Turbo: Smart Bar, Bush Skinz Bash Plates, Bush Skinz rock sliders, Ironman side awning, Cibie driving lights, rear LED work/reversing light, Black widow rear drawers, 2nd battery, UHF, cargo barrier, Airtec snorkel, Bilstein shocks, King Springs, poly airs, air compressor, Hankook RF10 265/65R18s, Rhino aero bars

Wish list: Rear diff locker, long range tank, 48L water tank in rear seat well, 3" exhaust, Rhino roof basket
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Old 09-12-11
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another 1 for agreement.

these plates are great.

when ever I check under car you can see what has been saved by the marks scratches ect on them.

2016 NX,GLS,DID,Auto. Rear DL, ARB deluxe BB, Warn winch, Safari Snorkle, Tow bar, Redarc tow pro, Front door windows tinted, Traxide SC80 dual battery system, Rino roof bars, Icom IC440 UHF, Lovells HD + 50mm springs all round, ????? shocks and struts, Proclip & Strike phone mount.
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Old 09-12-11
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Kieron, I want some!!

Next to do on the wish list. I will PM you.

Great to hear of such good customer service.

Thanks for posting guys.


RUNVA XP11 11,000lb Winch in MM ALLOY Bar, 2.75" S/S exhaust, ARB Air Locker, BLACK WIDOW Drawer Sys, ABBER Water Tank, GREAT WHITE & IRONMAN LED LightbarS, ARB OME 2 inch lift, POLYAIRs, BUSHSKINZs, Airtech SNORKEL, IRONMAN Awning, PIONEER Platform, REDARC Tow Pro, Provent , D697 LT's, ALPINE Stereo, Amp & Sub, DP CHIP, DRLs, Torque App, SPV EGR MOD Mk3

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Old 10-12-11
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I too can whole heartedly endorse Kieron. My Paj has the full set of Bushskinz armour. Unless of course Kieron gets the rear replacement bar done

I love the fact that the plates have saved my wallet many times, I can attest for the strength of the rear bumper protector as well (had the whole car "sit" on the left rear protector on a recent trip) saved the me big time.

Whenever I speak to Pajero owners, I am happy to show off the plates before anything else.

As others have said, if you go off road, buy the plates.

Pajero RX 2011 3.2 DiD Auto, Warm White, 265/65/18 BFG AT's, Bushskinz Intercooler - sump - transmission - transfer case & Rear bumper guard & sliders, Neoprene seat covers, Factory Towbar, GME 3540 UHF, Rhino Sportz racks, ARB awning, Safari snorkel, Rhino steel platform, Black Widow drawers, Dual Battery, ARB fridge, ARB rear locker, ARB Deluxe bar, Warn Winch, OME Suspension

more time off to go 4wd'ing and camping
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