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Old 24-10-18
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Default PA Challenger low revs

Hey all, been a long time since I have been to this forum however I am now in a dilemma and am looking for some advice.
I currently have a 2002 PA which has the usual problem of oil leaking from tappet covers which I have never really worried about as to me it more of a cosmetic problem than an actual problem which needs money spend to fix due to the small volume of the leak.

However the last few weeks it has started to idle very low when stopped at lights etc and almost stalling when A/C on or a tight turn is required (due to the extra load on P/S pump I assume)
It now has close to 190K on it so a new timing belt will be required soon.
It has been well set up with lift, dual lockers, dual batteries, snorkel, electric brakes etc etc

Even though it has been a great car and the problems are not significant (well I am not sure about the low idle, so some suggestions on what to look for would be appreciated) unfortunately they are not worth much anymore and I am thinking of selling and buying a new Pajero Sport.
I am just struggling with the concept of spending a few $K to fix some issues on an old car which could be 1/2 its value.

I am interested in your comments.
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Old 24-10-18
countman88 countman88 is offline
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My 2003 PA had the tappet cover oil leak for the last year or so. My mechanic initially said it wasn't causing problems, but a few months ago he suggested it was getting to the stage where the leak would do damage to suspension.
I was heading off for a few months towing my 1.8t caravan, so thought I better bring the car up to scratch.
Had them do:
tappet cover leak/gasket
brakes all round
timing belt
4wd fulcrum

Cost me just on $2500, probably near half the value of the car.
I had been planning to trade it on a PC or PS, but it had nearly 12 months rego, and near new tyres, and decided to keep it and run it into the ground. Had to put it onto a RACQ tow truck at McKay to be taken in for a new alternator, but otherwise went like a dream on the trip.
Cannot help you with the low idle but probably not a major issue.

Mine has only done 170,000 but thought I had better do the timing belt as they say 100,000 or 6 yrs, and it had been 8 yrs since the last one was done. Cheers Ken D
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Old 24-10-18
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G'day Jason, have you tried some injector cleaner in your fuel?
2010 (MY11) PB LS Manual. 2017 LS-U DMax spacecab.
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Old 28-10-18
Scar Scar is offline
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I haven't tried anything as yet however it seems to have been an isolated incident as it is driving ok now, i think it is time to upgrade.

It seems I am in the same boat as you were. Mine only has 180K and is due for all that you suggested to be done again. I am thinking now it is time to bit the bullet and get rid of it. It is a shame because it has been a great car and has alot of extras on it, however I am not doing much 4wd anymore so don't really need the capabilities that the Challenger has now with dual lockers etc etc.

Time to start shopping around.
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Old 06-11-18
Nostromo Nostromo is offline
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Could be idle air control (IAC) valve. I had a problem with stalling about 3 years ago at 180,000 Km.Cleaned MAF but didn't fix it. Replaced IAC and it fixed the problem. First one was the cheapest I could find on ebay for around $40 but this only lasted 6 months. then bought "OEM quality" one for around $100 and it is still going now. I think genuine OEM are over $300. Might be worth a try and easy to change. Mine would stall unless I kept my foot on the accelerator, so yours may not be exactly this problem.
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