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Old 06-10-11
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Question Blow-by on NS DID

Hi all,
A question for Chip-it and to those people who have a chip and manual boost controller on their paj. I had a chip and MBC fitted and tuned on my NS by the guys in Perth just before doing a big trip (~10000km). I've since noticed oil being sprayed from the ports either side of the MBC. It's not a huge amount, but enough to put a good film on the air box and engine cover which are either side of where i've got it mounted.

I'm doing a bit of an experiement at the moment where I've pulled the hoses off the turbo and the balance line from the engine to the air intake hose and given them a good clean. I've blanked off the point where the balance line joined the turbo air intake hose and attached a bottle to the end of the hose. I've put some holes in it to let it breath and wrapped it in a white rag. I've also pulled the hose off the discharge side of the turbo and given this a clean to see if the oil is coming from the mechanical seal in the turbo.

I've driven it for about 100km since doing this and can already see oil building up on the white rag where the holes are.

It's not blowing big plumes of smoke from the exhaust but only the occasional puff is noticable when looking using the mirrors.

The guys tuned it on the dyno and had it running at folder 3 custom 2 but when we left for our trip I had to de-tune it down to folder 1 tune 2 to stop it from smoking. I don't know what boost it was set at when they did it. I'm just worried that the extra boost and high tune has damaged the rings causing what I'm experiencing. It would be preferable to be the seal in the turbo as this would probably be and easier fix than the rings.

I also noticed while driving on folder 3 custom 2 (towing a camper trailer) that even on flat ground the EGT would keep slowly creeping up. It would get up into the 630+ degree C mark which made me nervous. If I stuck the boot in the temperatures would come down quickly. At these temps the chip didn't de-tune. Checking the ALH it was set to 650 degrees. Does this sound high, what have others got their AH1 set at?

The instructions say to do a run up a hill with the chip disconnected and with a load then add 10%. I set the AH1 at 570 and even at the lowest tune would still creep up into alarm but for some reason the temperatures still wouldn't drop. They would either keep creeping up or just sit fairly steady. The only way to make it drop and re-set the alarm was to either put the boot in again or to take cruise off and slow down, so for a good part of the trip I was haveing to watch the temperature and adjusting accordingly instead of the chip doing it for me.

Any ideas or others experiences would be most appreciated.
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Old 07-10-11
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This sounds just like the experience of one of our Club Members when he had his late model Paj done. Smoke, poor fuel consumption, more smoke and etc.
He took it all off and is still, as far as I know, trying to get his money back.
Good luck
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Old 12-10-11
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there is NO ONE trying to get money back from US. I would know about it because I am the one that writes the cheques.

Thats point one from me.

The second point is that creeping temps have nothing to do with the oil. The creeping temps is strange. Do u have your EGR blanked off ? We have noticed that blanking off the EGR lowers temps at cruise ... as this is where the 300 degrees of EGT are being re directed into the intake ... IE at cruise. When you put your foot into it the EGR valve closes and no more exhaust gases go into the air intake.

If the temps are climbing on tune 2 folder 1 then there is 100% an UNDERLYING ISSUE. If the car blows smoke on very low tunes ... there is an underlying issue.

If you take the chip off and run factory standard what does the EGT gauge tell u?

if you wish to chat about this, please call me on 02 8188 2360

Chip Tuning

Diesel Performance Solutions

Contact for 10% forum discount
(NB: Forum discount applies to Performance Modules only)

Office 02 8090 1881
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