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Old 21-07-19
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Originally Posted by markw829 View Post

I think I owe you a beer with your valuable advice very much appreciated.

Heading from Birdsville to Mt Dare via French Line (I know this is the harder direction as dunes are steeper but my friends are quite experienced and have done the Simpson a couple of times
Yes, the dunes are steeper, but it's not necessarily harder - for those who know what they're doing.

Travelling the other way, the long and gentle climbs up all the dunes are horribly chopped out by people with the wrong tyres at high pressures - so you either need sufficient traction to walk up the dunes, or flog the bejeezus out of your vehicle to charge over the lumps and bumps, and contribute to the problem.

Heading the way you're going, if you can make it up the steep side, you can roll down the chopped-out side. Having experienced friends is an excellent start!

Originally Posted by markw829 View Post
Will fill up tank (68L) in Birdsville and top up using the 3x20L containers as required until we get to Mt Dare. I might take another x20L of diesel just to be safe.
Good idea. If you have a good run, you'll make it to Mt Dare with a little to spare. If you struggle in the dunes, you could be cutting things fine. Driving the route you're planning, twisted32 & I used 107 and 110 litres respectively - but we have aggressive tyres that grip well, and didn't struggle with the crossing. Others in our group used up to 130 litres. You might do better than twisted & I, but you might do worse than others.

Originally Posted by markw829 View Post
My wife reckons I’m spending too much on this trip already so don’t think I’ll be able to change over tyres.
Is she going with you?

Originally Posted by markw829 View Post
One of the guys is bringing a couple of spare tyres which fit my car and I’m going to take it easy so hopefully will be right.
That's certainly a good thing - presumably they also have tyre repair equipment? What about tubes to suit your tyres?

If you can catch a puncture before it destroys the tyre you can generally save it before it becomes unusable for an emergency (even if you must stuff it with spinifex). The trick is to catch the puncture before the tyre is destroyed. If you can't get a new set of offroad tyres past the minister of finance, can you compromise on a tyre pressure monitor? Make it possible to catch a puncture before the tyre is irreparable. Something like this is less than the cost of one decent off-road tyre, and can save many more than one tyre.

Whatever happens, go, enjoy the experience, then come back and share the good and the bad.
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