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Old 17-03-13
Thruan Thruan is offline
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Default Front diff breather.

Hi Guys. Just wondering how people have attached a breather line to the front diff?

I know about the little button thing I popped the cap off, But can't get my head in for a proper look. Does the plastic thing under the cap unscrew, or pop out or something?
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Old 22-03-13
Thruan Thruan is offline
Join Date: Dec 2009
Posts: 64

Well since noone answered.. I will answer.

The white/black bit under the metal cap DOES come out.

Go in through the engine bay and grab it with pliers and pull straight out.

You will end up with something like this

well except the metal bit will be white plastic.

I had a breather kit that has thes metal screw in tube/pipe holder deals, They have a threaded bit on the bottom.

I cut the white plastic tube off, drilled out the bigger bit so that I could thread in my breather bit, and threaded it in..

After I took this shot, just to make sure, I run a small bead of silicon around the edge of the metal bit to seal it completely to the plastic bit.

THEN i run some more silicon around the large plastic bit where it sits inside the hole in the diff..

Push the whole thing back into the hole in the diff, and smooth out the silicon that squeezes out so you end up with a 100% waterproof breather.

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Old 22-03-13
Thruan Thruan is offline
Join Date: Dec 2009
Posts: 64

oh, and add the hose/pipe/tube obviously..
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Old 22-03-13
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bakerboy bakerboy is offline
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I just slipped a hose after I took the factory dust cap off and ran it into the engine bay.
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Old 24-04-19
Ryan175 Ryan175 is offline
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Hey Bakerboy, what's the process for doing the front diff? I've got to do mine in a hurry tonight after work before the shops close so trying to get as much info as possible. does a piece of fuel hose slip on ok to whatever is in the top of the front diff?
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