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Old 25-06-18
Ian H Ian H is online now
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Facebook is useless for any discussion on a range of topics like forums provide. Searching Facebook for something is a pain and the posts get lost quickly. A forum like this provides a well structured set up of topics and even today, someone has looked up a thread from 2014 and posted a question. They've obviously done a search and found what they were looking for. Try doing that on Facebook.
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Old 25-06-18
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Originally Posted by tuffpajNT View Post
Is it not about to time our admins deprecate this brown squishy log of a platform? The total BS that is required to upload a picture(s), or easily find and share material is such a pain!

There are more modern form platforms around that can better drive the content and make it a more efficient way of dealing with all matters of Pajero. Using this platform is not a very good experience.

So you don't like the forum software, you express dissatisfaction with the experience, but offer no suggestions other than "more modern form (sic) platforms around".

Criticism is easy. Constructive criticism is tougher. Which platforms are better? Are you going to help pay for them?

I joined the club to help pay for the forum. Will you?
NT Platinum. DiD Auto with 265/70R17 Toyo MT, Lift, Lockers, Lockup Mate, Low range reduction, LRA Aux tank, bull bar, winch, lots of touring stuff. Flappy paddles. MMCS is gone!

Project: NJ SWB. 285/75R16 ST Maxx, 2" OME suspension, 2" body lift, ARB 110, 120l tank, bullbar, scratches, no major dents. Fully engineered in SA. NW DiD & auto in place - a long way to go....

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Old 25-06-18
Robin Robin is offline
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Is it not about to time our admins deprecate this brown squishy log of a platform? The total BS that is required to upload a picture(s), or easily find and share material is such a pain!

There are more modern form platforms around that can better drive the content and make it a more efficient way of dealing with all matters of Pajero. Using this platform is not a very good experience.

Dear tuffpajNT,

Sorry to hear that you don't like this brown squishy log of a platform, also the BS that is required to upload a picture(s), or easily find and share material is such a pain! I could easily say have sex then go away, but that's been bone lazy. I will try and explain about this forum, if that is ok with you and forum members. This forum is about sharing information about our 4x4's particularly and other stuff relating to 4x4's and general discussions about what's happening with whom, their experience out there in the outback or in the burbs and just making sure who is never needing help with their rig and just general chat about life and things and stuff that makes the world go round. I have been a member of this forum for about 8 years I think roughly, doesn't really matter. We all enjoy passing on information, stories, helping out with somebody problems, or in my case answering my questions when I need help or assistance with my rig. I do have a problem with this forum when some one tries to say I'm to lazy to upload pictures and want to modernise this forum to suit my needs and love all the trashy adds.
Too you tuffpajNT, your just another powderpuffNT.

Mods. After market cup holders. 4 After market weather shields from ebay that look and work great. No more messy hair NG 1989 V6 3Ltr. Super Wagon. Electric sun roof, cruise control, ashtrays and great seats and new motor.
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Old 25-06-18
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Maybe tuffpajNT could just ask "how do i upload a pic to the forum" Plenty of us here do it all the time and are willing to help you sort that minor technical issue.

See, it's not that hard....

Agreed, the native search function is a bit ordinary, but with a forum that's been in existence for so long, with so many threads/posts that's not surprising either.

So in the spirit of helping others on the forum, I present the following for your perusal:

You have to "click here" in the click here box. I cant do it all for you. The first result shown will lead you to a path of shining light.

For the record, the forum has some 53K threads and over 1/2 a million individual posts. No wonder searching specific info can be a chore - but that applies to all forums, not just this one.

Whilst i have the chair, I do agree the brown squish is a bit average, but I just look past the brown stuff and receive the benefits of membership as shitty brown isn't a show stopper to me. There used to be an option to change the skin colour, I cant seem to find that now

I would like the webmaster to enable some of the BB options of direct embedding of both images and youtube links. I have asked this before, but that said, I can live without it because membership here provides me more benefit than a small amount of convenience of having these options enabled as they are on other forums. A small price to pay.

So TuffPajNT, maybe you can tell us you were just having a shitty brown day and needed to vent and ask some of the more learnered friends on here for the help you require to make the forum meet your needs. 40,000 members cant be wrong, surely?

I actually feel a bit guilty that I have been on here nearly a decade, received many benefits over the years and not contributed a single cent to the running of this forum. The cheques in the mail Pickle
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NX build

My Journeys

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Old 25-06-18
Nab Nab is offline
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This is the only forum I am on that has never had an outage, never failed to load and loads all threads super fast without fail. And the content is second to none. Hell, I sold my Pajero 4 months ago but I still log on most days, hopefully to pass on what I have learnt on here!!!!
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Old 25-06-18
stumagoo stumagoo is offline
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I dont come here to admire the scenery..... I come to converse and read what others with a similar interest to my own are doing, have problems with and have solved issues..... I truely dont care what the layout is like the basic neccesities are here and it works well. I believe considering that money is outlayed for what we have and that migrating to a new platform can be a major headache for those doing it - its great the way it is....
1994 NJ 3.0 now with a 2000NL 3.5 engine and driveline, 2.5 catback, 32" MT Deegan 38's, 1" body lift, front diff drop with front tension rods indexed and cranked an 3", 3" on the rear coils
*** retired to the big wrecking yard in the sky***
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Old 25-06-18
Lazarus Lazarus is online now
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I have been member of ths forum for more than 10 years. In those 10 years I had pajeros, then some other cars, then pajeros and now again some other cars.
And guess what? I still consider this forum my permanent internet home! Even when I didn’t even own a pajero I was still visiting here.

One of the best and friendliest places on the net.
I am a member of heaps of other 4wd forums, like “new”, “new” type of forums but they dont even come close to this forum in regards to number of users, posts, activity, forum policies, friendly mods etc.

Pickle and the rest of the team please continue as you were. This forum is second to none.
NW 2014 MY14 GLX-R, towbar, spare tyre lift kit, Safari snorkel, Milford cargo barrier, "Bushskinz" and "Basha" bashplates, UHF, Air compressor, SPV EGR Mod, Rhino Pioneer platform, MM Towbar, Redarc TowPro brake controler, 2.5" lift kit by Ultimate Suspension, 265/70/17 BFG KO2 AT LT, Opposite Lock Bullbar, VRS winch, Lightforce Genesis LED driving lights.
Old 25-06-18
greybeard greybeard is offline
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That went as well as could be expected (with apologies to the late Peter Sallis)
Old 26-06-18
Trisome Trisome is offline
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This forum is easy to use, it's always there to find how to fix something. Personally I have been able to navigate its old clunky pages, in fact I find them easy to use. Sure the photos are hard to load the first couple of times however all you have to do is go and search in the brown squishy pages and there are clear instructions on how to do it.

2007 VRX, Cold Air, HPD Intercooler, 3" Exhaust, ECU West Tune, Lovels Springs, EFS Shockies.
Old 26-06-18
crash486 crash486 is offline
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I use tapatalk. It makes it easy on a phone etc and freshens up the look. You loose some info at a glance, like peoples location but way better than the web interface on my devices.

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