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Old 19-10-15
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Default Drivers side window switches

I've got an issue with my windows, they've all stopped working and is due to the drivers side switch panel.
I tried to pry the switch panel out of the door and as I was levering it up, the windows started working again. Soon as I stopped prying, the windows stopped again.

How do I remove the switch panel? I don't want to break anything and I couldn't find any instructions.

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Old 19-10-15
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it just lifts up, put a screw driver under it and lever it up.

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Old 19-11-15
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Did you find anything when you opened the panel? I think I have the same exact problem. The other day, the family was driving when we encountered some smoke from another auto. All of us were trying to close the windows at the same time, I was driving and attempted to activate the windows switch for all the windows including the one next to the baby. As soon as I touched those switches on driver panel, all windows stopped. I may have touched the window lock button in the process? It was night so I was fumbling around trying to close several windows at same time.

The truck is acting like the window deactivate switch has failed. All window switches for the other doors are not working. The door lock does not work on driver door yet passenger door can lock all other doors.

Seems that something is wrong in driver door panel. I checked fuses and nothing is blown that I can see.

Any other tips on accessing the driver panel would be helpful. I plan on using a plastic trim panel pry tool.
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Old 22-11-15
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I was able to fix my windows. Thanks to @easykill1978 I lifted up the panel using a plastic trim tool. Just like Steve, A slight lift allowed everything to work, Dropping it back down and it didnt work. I continued prying to completely remove the panel. It was difficult to pry off, there is a single, dual row connecter approximately 20 pins that hold the panel into the door. That connector is toward the rear of the door, so lift from the rear, not the front.

You will have to dissassemble the panel that comes out of the truck. Its simple, 5 phillip screws. Carefully examine the plug leads. A few of mine had black hard crud that I was able to chip off. I think it might be years of vinyl protector that hardened up and clogged up the electrical connections. I was able to blow out all the dust around the rocker switches while everything was apart.

Reassemble and now its good as new. Thanks for the help guys!

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