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BushSkinz 4x4 For all your underneath protection.

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Old 15-05-13
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I saw a Colorado at my mechanics today, the guy stoved in the sump on a rock, blocking the oil pickup in the process.....

Due to oil starvation, he now needs

Short engine- $9500
Turbo- $5000
+++ labour etc

Luckily he had agreed value insurance

Reckon bushskinz might be good value
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Old 15-05-13
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BushSkinz 4x4
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Couldn't be too many people having done this at the same time so I dare say you saw the vehicle of a guy that got in touch with us the other week and will be getting some guards from us once he gets his vehicle back... Hopefully he won't ever have to go through it again once getting some guards under it.... All I can say is thank god for insurance!

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Old 15-05-13
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Originally Posted by Pearcie View Post
Yeh pretty disappointed considering they refused it based on the suspension which was installed late December and I found out about this late January and in that time I had spent about 5min in 4x4 because the rear brake lines need extending. Which they pointed out and I said yes I know that's why I haven't been 4x4ing since the lift.......

Speaking of HSV's while I was there they had to call a bloke who had only a few thousand km's on his HSV and tell him he needed new rotors and pads at some ridiculous cost that wouldn't be done under warranty.... can't remember the exact kms but when I heard the lack of kms and the price it made me feel soooo much better about my issue.

Yeh brakes on HSV when genuine not cheap and they rarely cover anything on warranty as they are 'race' packages. Mine finally needed new rotors at about 100,000 and it was in area of 1k per corner, so went after market harrops for less and better feel too.
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Old 23-06-13
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Just bought a set of sump guards for the challenger, couldnt be happier. Excellent communication and had the guards up in 20 minutes

Thanks Kieron.
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Old 23-06-13
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I remember when the old mans NH V6 Superwagon cracked it's head with 60000k's on it.
MM said will not cover because it was on gas and they do not warrent any part of the power train once the engine has been modified.

After a few words the dealer was on dads side and basically told him exactly what to do and he as a MM dealer would do his best.
A week later all dad had to pay for was labour. Parts were covered by MM.

A good outcome being as MM had every right to walk away. Dad stayed loyal to MM and purchased 3 more new cars over the years.

I was 16 when this happened but still remember it well and had no hesitation buying a Pajero.

So when you think of it MM puting up about $1000 in parts has made them that money back 10 times over easy.
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