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Old 22-10-19
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Default Brake pad change

Hey guys, I'd like to change the brake pads on my NS pajero on the weekend but have never done them on the pajero, I have done plenty on falcons which is quite simple, I have read a few different ways to do it on the paj, but just wanted to ask if one of you guys have changed them and have a few tips doing the pad change,
Quick question on bleeding is it possible to have car running (in park)and wheel blocks, and flush by helper depressing brake pedal and cracking bleeder nipple then re-tighten and release pedal then keep filling reservoir during???
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Old 22-10-19
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That is how I would do it. However, I would firstly siphon the brake fluid out of the reservoir and replace it with new fresh stuff. Then I would release the bleed nipples and push the piston back into the caliper. This gets rid of a lot of the old brake fluid in the caliper. Then install new pads and bleed away as you describe. At least this procedure gets rid of most of the potentially contaminated fluid form the system whilst making it easier to retract the pistons in the calipers.
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Old 22-10-19
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You will need to do the front brakes first. Then the rears with ignition on (but engine off) and brake pedal partially depressed. For the rears dont push the pistons in with ignition on. This is because as soon as you crack the nipple the brake pump will activate forcing fluid out the nipple under high pressure. Because of this it takes about 30 seconds a side for the rear wheels.

Also you need to reinstall the slotted shims for the front brakes.

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