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Old 27-09-15
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I didn't know the XLS seats were different to the base model...I presumed they were just trimmed in different material ?

When I had my Challenger ( LS ) I moved the seats back 50mm, but they were still not suited to my legs, mainly the hamstring area, which got sore after approx 1 1/2 hrs behind the wheel.

I have a 200 series now and it's no better, but being 195cm tall doesn't help.
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Old 27-09-15
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Well having had both models, its seems they went cheap on seats when going to the PC. The front now has a dial for seat base height but it slopes awkwardly when going down, I much preferred the crank lever style on the PB as it sat flatter through the range of movement.
And the rear seats no longer slide fore-aft which which is a bugger too.
Not to mention STEEL SPARE !! - sorry had to get that in there
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Old 27-09-15
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Originally Posted by selsij View Post
Why isn't that MMA don't realise that the seats that come standard in all models of the Challenger are NOT to the correct set up for Australians?
They mat be alright for the shorter, lighter weight Asian frame but NOT for the Australian one. I've put spacers in my front seats, and whilst they are not perfect, they are much better. I don't feel that I am sliding off any more.
I’ve no issue with the flatter squab angle as I have the seat set as low as possible when on the blacktop. Similarly, I have no problems with the seat travel and never feel cramped for leg room. However, from day one I’ve had a minor issue with the side bolsters digging into my back on either side because the backrest is too narrow for my body. Hence, I trialled a couple of simple foam cushions that I’d cut to shape, then re-shaped a couple of times until they worked. The enclosed photo shows both cushions after some re-trimming a few days ago; with a ruler for scaling. I used the softer thicker one (beige/49mm) for a year and then the slightly thinner firmer one (green/21mm) for six months, after which I reshaped them both to the smallest size possible, to stop them being too pronounced under the seat covers. The upper section is just wide enough to accommodate my shoulder blades and the lumber section just wide enough to stop the bolsters digging into my back, above the kidneys. They’re about 80% the height of the backrest. The foam cost $10 at Clarke Rubber. I cut a paper template and marked it out on the foam and the shop assistant trimmed it neatly to shape with a cutter. I then trimmed-off the hard edge, tucked them into old pillow slips (to collect the crumbs) and put them under both front seat covers. I use the thicker softer cushion and they’ll stay there until I sell the car. The backrest had to go back a little but the comfort factor is 8 out of 10 and for the price, I have no complaints. They work!


27 Sep 15
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Old 14-09-17
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Thumbs up PC Chally Front Seat Reupholster

FINALLY..... after putting up with the seats, I have finally booked into Inside Cars in Wantirna (thanks Reciprovac) to have both front seats modified.
Met with Adam this morning and we went through the options/ideas on materials to be used, as well as looking at the option for an air pump inflatable lumbar support. Decided to go with just the mod using 3 different types of foam for side bolsters, lumbar, seat topper and seat underlay.
Booked in for 21/9, and I have a 200km trip on the following weekend, so should get a bit of a feeling - no pun intended, for how the seats feel. Hope they're great because heading off soon for a couple of months touring.
Will provide a bit of feedback when I can. Oh, by the way, price is still great @ $380 for both front seats without air lumbar (additional $246 with). $20 price rise since 4/15 when Reciprovac had his done; can't complain about that.

My son suggested that whilst I have the seats pulled apart to have some seat heaters installed (he had them done on his Paj Sport). Hunted up a local supplier - Power Technologies in Montrose 03 9736 1100, and they currently had the 2 temperature Luxury seat kits on special @ $150 each. Will have Inside Cars fit them on Thursday, and will give them a try out on the weekend. I wired the switches in myself today, so should save a bit in install.
BTW, found a mob on Ebay selling same/similar kit for $35 a set, so search if interested in them. They look identical as far as I can see, but don't have the actual pads with me to check, but all the wiring looks the same.
MY14 PC Challenger Auto, Terra Rosa, Rear Storage Drawer and Fridge System, 120Ah Dual Battery, Traxide SC80 Isolator, H/Reece Hitch. Tekonsha Primus IQ Brake Controller, LED Running Lights, 80W LED Light Bar, Factory (PB) Nudge Bar. Thule Racks, GME TX3510 CB, Poly Airs, MN Triton 17" wheels. Tinted windows, deflectors and bonnet guard. Headlight protectors.

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Old 15-09-17
Grimo82 Grimo82 is online now
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sounds like a great option.

ive been driving hilux's and rangers for work lately - and while the base PC ranger isnt much better than the base PC id kill for the comfort of the hilux seats in the challenger......

only other as floated on here somwhere was straight up replacement with custom seats - i remember figures of $2.5K being thrown around for front two?
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Old 24-09-17
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Default Seat Re-upholster and heaters

Well, after having the front seats done by Inside Cars on Thursday, I did a long drive on Sat - approx 2 hours each way.
Bottom line -pardon the pun- is that the seats are definitely more comfortable and provide a better "grip".
Basically, the seat squabs were stripped of some of the existing upper foam, and replaced with a softer and thicker foam. This has the effect of providing more support under the thighs, and pushing you further back into the seat. Heavier foam under the base of the seat provides an additional cushioning over the original seat. They also replaced the side sections of the squab with a firmer foam to also enhance the overall body grip.
Also purchased some electric heaters for the squab and backrest of both front seats, and whilst it was too hot to try them on this longer trip, a short ride home from the upholsterers indicate that they will be fantastic in the cooler months. Also had them put in a small amount of foam in the lumbar region, which was quite noticable.

Overall Impression
The seat is definitely more supportive in holding you in place with the deeper well for the butt due to higher thigh support as well as side bolsters. The back is the best part with mild lumbar support, and I had no pain in the back at all.
However, and bear in mind that I normally only drive this car once or twice a week on short suburban runs, and 2 or 3 times a year on long touring trips, my body takes a bit of time to adapt to driving, but following the 2 hour each way drive (plus standing around for 4 hours inbetween), at the end of the day I had a decent amount of tightness in the calf muscles as well as a bit of a tender butt.
Hopefully this will sort itself out as I fiddle with the adjustments of seat fwd/rev and height/tilt positioning. Heading off soon to SW W.Aust, so 10,000Km should prove things one way or the other.
MY14 PC Challenger Auto, Terra Rosa, Rear Storage Drawer and Fridge System, 120Ah Dual Battery, Traxide SC80 Isolator, H/Reece Hitch. Tekonsha Primus IQ Brake Controller, LED Running Lights, 80W LED Light Bar, Factory (PB) Nudge Bar. Thule Racks, GME TX3510 CB, Poly Airs, MN Triton 17" wheels. Tinted windows, deflectors and bonnet guard. Headlight protectors.
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Old 23-11-17
Vicbitter Vicbitter is offline
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Could anybody recommend an upholsterer in the western suburbs of Melbourne.
Not sure how long I can put up with this seat.

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Old 27-12-17
jimiw jimiw is offline
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Default Qld

anyone know anyone in QLD who can do this seat modification? Also anyone who can move the drivers seat backwards? As I am 189 CM tall and it is very cramped, can't do long drives without leg and back pain...

2012 PB challenger 4WD, pretty much stock, Munji EGR electronic block, Rhino Rack SX roof platform system, Rhino Rack 2.5m X 2.5m awning.
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Old 28-12-17
Sjb-85 Sjb-85 is offline
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Sounds like a very good option and I like the idea of the heated seats as well ��
2012, Mitsubishi PB Challenger LS (manual)
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