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Body and Soul Discussion about the chassis and body, paintwork, cabin fittings, air conditioning, etc.

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Default Psychological wax layers?

I don't often wax my Pajero, maybe twice a year, and then only to make it easier to clean, not because I want to stare at it. The roof under the platform only gets attention once a year, when I get sick of the blackness that no longer hoses off, as the clearance is too little to easily wipe.

So, I've just (by hand) applied three layers of Collinite 845 insulator wax, and one layer of Collinite 476. As you would expect, I'm a little delirious, and wondering if i've been stuck in a pointless time loop of endless polishing. It did seem to layer and get easier and look smoother. But in my delirium I wondered if I was just fooling myself, am I actually building up layers of wax that will last longer or...

....are my wax layers psychological, and I've just tipped over the edge....?
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Old 6 Days Ago
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For a wax it lasts pretty well because it also contains a polymer which is what makes it last. UV protection is fairly low compared to a full polymer, but in the application you've used it, it's not a bad choice. Needs to be re-done twice a year.
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Never heard of this stuff called Collinite, but now that you've given it a good polish why don't you spray on some Turtle Wax ceramic coating it's good stuff I recon and will help that polish last longer. Having recently used it on my paj (4 months ago) the finish is still great & the water beading off the finish is just like a newly polished vehicle. Next time it needs the coating I'm going to polish it first. Just don't let the missus see you "polishing it again'. This Turtle wax ceramic stuff is so easy to use and no elbow grease is involved and has got very good reviews on vehicle detailing websites that I've seen.
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I have found the original Turtle wax to be a pretty ordinary product. Beads for only about a month. I gave the Supacheap branded wax a try and it outlasted the Turtle wax. One time I could put down to luck. Three times now I have tried both and the Supacheap wax beaded better, lasted longer and was a bit shinier.

This is not the ceramic Turtle wax you mention, but proves that a big name product is not always the best product. Price may not be a guide either.

This is not a critical review or an endorsement of one wax. There are no doubt many waxes better than the Supacheap product.

Just my 2cents worth.
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