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Default MMCS replaced by Kenwood head unit - SWCs not working

Hello everyone,
Before I start I need to admit that the following subject is at the edge of my knowledge so please be gentle if I get things wrong !

A couple of weeks ago whilst we were traveling up north the wonderful MMCS system in our 2012 NW Exceed decided to pack up.
Basically the touch screen stopped working along with all the buttons on the unit and steering wheel. The only controls that worked were the volume buttons on the unit. Luckily this happened whilst the unit was on AUX so we could still play music from a phone or iPod.

Trawling through the forum when we got home, it appeared to be a known fault with the MMCS so we decided to upgrade the head unit.

Yesterday, we had a Kenwood DMX5020S head unit fitted along with all the multiple adapters and modules that are required to keep the Rockford Fosgate amplifier working. The head unit itself works fine and sounds bloody awesome.

And this is where I start to get a bit lost.

Included in these extras was an AERPRO steering wheel harness (p/n CHMB4C) which is meant to allow the steering wheel controls (SWCs) to keep working with the new stereo.
Unfortunately, after 3 hours and multiple attempts, the car stereo guy could not get the head unit to recognise the SWCs. He could get the car to go into CAN programming mode (pressing and holding the MODE and UP/DOWN buttons until a specific beeping sequence was heard) but couldn't program the buttons to control the head unit.
He thinks that the way the old MMCS failed might have damaged a CAN resistor which is why the SWCs are not working.

Does that make sense to anyone ? Has anyone else had problems with SWCs when fitting a replacement stereo ? Anyone got any idea how to fix it ?

All suggestions gratefully received - I'm a bit grumpy at the moment as I used the SWCs all the time before the MMCS failed and I want to get them working.

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You're not the first to get caught by this trap - your steering wheel controls aren't on the CAN bus.

They're a simple resistor ladder network connected to the MMCS via the clockspring. Forget about the CAN bus adaptor / programming - have a look at this:

You should find two wires in the Aerpro harness labelled Key 1 & Key 2. I remember I had to muck around with these to get steering wheel controls to work with my chinese cheapy headunit - I think I even had to ground one before the head unit would recognise any buttons. Since I figured it out I've had no troubles with them.

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I have a Kenwood head unit in my car and did not need an adapter for the swc.
I had mine fitted by a car audio place, so don't know exactly what was done.
Have a look at this link and maybe it might help
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Cloverleaf Cloverleaf is offline
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Thank you. I'll forward that info on and see how we go.

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