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Default Throttle problems, engine check light on

Hello everyone, im from argentina (sorry for my inglish). I have a mitsubishi pajero montero 2008 3.2 DI-D GLS and i'm having some problems with the throttle.

Normaly this happend when i start it in the morning. In the first acceleration everithing works well, the vehicle respond, but when i get to the corner of my block and i try to speed up again the car doesn't respond well, the aceleration is like gradual and there is a notorious loss of power.

After this I continue driving and the problem of weakness starts to disappear but sometimes it repeats it to a lesser extent.

I cleaned the egr valve... On the route the truck does not present any problem, it is perfect. the problem is in the city when i go slowly, accelerating and braking constantly. Sometimes the check engine light goes out on the route as if the problem had been solved but in the city it turns on again.

Connected the vehicle to a computer to check it, it says "volatile memory error" referring to the ECU I guess

Also cleaned the maf sensor, but nothing improves. I don't know what to do ... could be the voltage regulator? the egr valve? the alternator?

I don't know, if someone could help me i would appreciate it. Thank you. regards

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Volatile memory error is a very generic error code. Can you give us the specific code? eg P1234
NS 3.2 - Roo Bar, Warn Winch, UHF, Bilstein/Lovells, Engine/tranny watchdog, HikeIT, LED headlights, EGR delete, DPF delete, Catch Can
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