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Old 30-01-20
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HI i Brought a kings 1 a bit sceptical at first but damn the bloody thing works battery died . and connected it up and it kicked into gear i drive 2.5 diesel challenger did that twice in a couple of days replaced the battery so it really does work regards john
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Old 31-01-20
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I have had a couple of these units, with mixed success starting my Disco and Paj. If the starter battery is not really flat but merely insufficient to turn over strongly, the jump starter is fully charged and it isn't too old, then they worked well. I've started my son's 80 series LC, my 2.5L Disco and my current Pajero.

However, as they age they don't seem to have the same grunt and to start the Paj the last time they worked, I had to use 2 of them together, both of which were fully charged. I have also found that they work better if you have a friend sit in the driver's seat to turn the key immediatel after connecting them to the battery. I assume its because, with a really flat battery, in the time it takes for you to walk around to the driver's side and turn the key, some of the oomph in the jump starter has been drained by the car's flat battery.

Finally, I also found that you need to remember to top up the jump starter before you go away on a trip as the charge wanes over time and when I hadn't looked at it for over 6months, when I tried to use it, it didn't have enough oomph.

Because of these issues, I have recently bought a OzCharge Rescue Mate RM1000 which conceptually seems like a brilliant idea. Haven't had to use in anger yet so time will tell. I do expect to need it though due to the annoying Paj trait of draining the main battery when not started for several days (this is the subject of another post, with no successful solution yet. Any solutions welcome).
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Old 07-02-20
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Thanks all. I wound up getting a Trek Pow 1500. Yet to try it but I hope it will work well
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