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Old 04-10-18
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Hi Handy Andy and All,

Yes this fuel consumption issues is annoying, my experience matches that of Hany Andy’s mate… My dealer states nothing’s wrong with the car, all code is up to date and no errors exist. The service manager went as far as blaming the fuel economy on my use of 4H for all driving.

I have run in 4H as this forum has implied on late mode Pajeros 4H makes little difference on fuel. So on the service managers request I tested running in 2H.

Last 4 tanks consumption calculated at the pump in 4H only:
14.11 L/100
12.22 L/100
12.35 L/100
13.69 L/100
After switching to 2H, next 4 tanks recorded.
10.37 L/100
12.37 L/100
10.35 L/100
10.05 L/100

Other people have indicated that the DPF NXs use approx 15% more fuel. I personally believe this is because of two reasons. I believe the change in final drive ratio from 3.917 to 3.692 is seeing the torque converted unlocked for longer to compensate particularly when towing. Additionally, I believe that fuel is being consumed with the DPF burn process.

This then leads me to some questions that I want to work on……
How can I log the frequency and duration of DPF burns?
Is the DPF burn frequency overly aggressive leading to excessive engine oil dilution with diesel?

I am tempted to drop my engine oil at the 7.5K mid service point and get samples tested by 3 separate test labs as I simply don’t like what I see on the dip stick.

However, I am guessing if I took these results back to the dealer they will blame my oil sampling for contaminating the samples and say I have voided warranty by doing it myself, this is so annoying.

As for Handy Andy’s mate going to yet another dealer, I unfortunately believe this will just be another waste of time.
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