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Old 16-02-20
macca24 macca24 is offline
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Default Banjo bolts on common rail injection

Hi All,

I'm in the process of putting the intake manifold and egr back together on my NW and having cleaned it all out this weekend.
Thanks heaps btw for all the great help on this forum.
The problem I'm facing now however is 2 banjo bolts on the fuel rail.
When I took them out I set them apart but can't remember which one was for where
They both have same thread but difference is one is a 14mm head with small drilling passage
and other is a 17mm head with large drilling passage

Front banjo

Rear banjo

Have put them in back how I think they came out but can't be sure it's correct
Will be impossible to access the rear banjo without taking engine cover off but if someone could let me know the head size on the front banjo that would be much appreciated!!

Thanks in advance
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Old 16-02-20
erad erad is offline
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Thread Number 30 on Manifold Clean (two entries below this) by Siegfried has a link to a video about manifold clean. The link details bolt sizes etc all along and is very informative. You will probably find the answer to your problem in one of the youtube videos referred to in that..
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Old 16-02-20
Kingbrown Kingbrown is offline
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The banjo bolt with the small passage goes in the front (rail limiter valve leakoff) and the banjo bolt with the large passage goes at the rear,

Be very careful that the banjo bolt doesn't get cross-threaded. New copper washers are mandated.
2012 PB Challenger LS Manual
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Old 17-02-20
macca24 macca24 is offline
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Location: Brisbane
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Thanks heaps erad and kingbrown, I was pretty sure the small passage banjo went at front but started 2nd guessing myself.
Good tip on the copper washes too- cheap insurance and peace of mind
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Old 19-02-20
Skinny03 Skinny03 is offline
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I had the same concern while I was cleaning my manifold and after a panic attack thinking why didn't I take note of which one goes where when I removed them, I called Mitsubishi. They actually have different threads and can only go where they meant to go. Hats off to those 4M41 designers.
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