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Old 10-12-19
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Originally Posted by spot01 View Post
That is a very long time between tappet adjustments (compared to the MMAL 30k intervals) - when was the last one done? I see you are already onto the issue where some mechanics don't enter all the pipe removals into the book.

It will be interesting to see how far out they are - if you can post the "before" gap measurements I'm sure a lot of people will be interested.
I'll make a list of the before and after measurements as it will be interesting to see what they are.

I just re-read the service history as the workshop was kind enough to send me all the service records for the car. When I rang them about getting the records, they said they did the services by the MM service book but the only mention of using a 'valve adjustment seal kit' was at 90,000 km, nothing before or after that. I'm pretty sure if they had done them the owner would have been charged for them so it will be interesting to see what they are after 145,000 km.
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Old 16-01-20
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Originally Posted by 4wdboat View Post
Any know how to view the images?
I use this. Works a treat. This is for Chrome only though, I believe there is a Firefox version as well.

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Old 03-04-20
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Adjusted valve clearances 400 km's ago and also cleaned up intake manifold. 208000 km on the clock when I started. Now runs very smooth even with cold engine. Intake manifold was not so dirty as I expected, maybe 5 mm of dirt max. Soaked over night in oven cleaning foam and one more bottle over it in the morning and then washed it with pressure water and only couple places needed steel brush. It was pretty easy job after all.

Both intake valves at 1st piston were so tight I could not fit even 0,03 mm gauge between, other intakes were a bit loose and only two exhaust valves a bit loose. Adjusted so I could feel a bit friction with 0,10 intake and 0,15 exhaust gauge.

Did not have any suitable torque wrench near by, so tightened all by hand and feeling. Not my first time though, so I'm not worried about over or under tightening. Maybe next time I'll have torque wrench ready.

I did only have new rocker cover gasket, so I only replaced that. It seems that there might be some oil leakage coming from injectors 3 and 4 gaskets, where electrical connectors are attached. Not pouring out, just a bit wet looking close to gaskets.

I now have all necessary seals available, so my question is that is it possible to replace those seals without removing rocker cover?
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Old 03-04-20
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Just a tip for checking valve clearances.
Use a dial indicator on a magnetic base, that way you can see the measurement before and after.
Possibly a bit of a problem on an alloy head. You could also remove the mag base and make up an adapter to fit the valve cover bolt hole.
It takes the feel issue out of checking with feeler gauges.
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Old 06-04-20
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Default Valve Clearances

Thanks for pictures and advice.
Just rolled over 135,500 Klms in my NW Pajero and as the last time the valve clearances had been adjusted was at 30,000 klms by the dealer, I decided that it was time to adjust them again.
Even with the correct tools it took me close to 6 hours.
What amazed me was that half of the clearances were correct while the most any was loose was .02mm.
I could not notice any improvement in performance or noise.
The rocker cover inside and valve gear were perfectly clean. There was a small amount of build up iside the inlet manifold.
I change the oil every 15,000 klms but have always have used synthetic oil .
A Provent has been fitted and EGR block.
As I see it, I will not adjust the valves for another 100,000 klms .
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