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Fuel and fuel systems Petrol vs Diesel, LPG Conversions, premium fuels, and all that gas

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Old 09-03-20
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Originally Posted by Jasonmc73 View Post
The one with 91 written on it goes in wives car, colours get bit tricky with 91

The black one with diesel wrtten on it goes in Triton ute. I did put "premium diesel" in at last fill 0.14 Cents per litre more expensive by mistake
Tricky suckers have them side by side.

That cap would be great peace of mind though & quick look on you tube you can get cover cap for them re contamination etc

I've never seen a black 91 ULP bowser.
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Old 14-03-20
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Originally Posted by Having Fun View Post
I hear what you're saying & agree, but 99% of people with 4x4's will never leave the suburbs, let alone leave the settled areas. They won't understand what you're saying.
Yeh, forgot forgot about that.
I just defy logic for me I'm afraid..
Manufactures have a shed load of engineers designing fuel systems for their diesel vehicles..engineers with heaps of letters after their names....Mitsubishi over the 20+ years of the current shaped Pajero would have dabbled in all types of fuel connection systems...but still they fall back on the screw type cap...why is this?'s cheap, it's universal and wait for WORKS..
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Old 16-03-20
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Originally Posted by dreamerman View Post
I have been thinking of how to make sure I do not mess up with the wrong fuel. Best for me is physical deterrent like special fuel caps. Seems both below products are most common and available from AU sellers. From a quick read, I think the main difference is one has a twist cap and the other is cap-less.

Would appreciate feedback if you have experience in using them.
I have the solo diesel cap and hate it. It was installed by the previous owner.

I find it always overflows at the end of filing up. Just a little bit squirts out, but it has clearly done this its whole life as the the rubber seal between the plastic flares and the body work directly below the fuel cap has gone yellow from the constant exposure.
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