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Generation 3 Pajero NM - NP Models 2000 - 2006

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Our has used oil ever since we bought it, around 7 years go. We only do highway driving and I normally need to top it up evey fortnight or so - wed do approx 750kms per week per week. It now has 350k kms on it. We bought it with 40k. Our mechanic says the stem seals need sorting. 3.8s they just seem to need a top up as a matter of course.
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Old 6 Days Ago
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I had a 3.5 L NL Pajero, and it used oil from new. I attribute this because of the running in period. When it was delivered, I was in hospital and my wife took delivery. It was about 2 months before I could drive it. Nothing over 80 km/h. It used no oil for the first 2000 km after an oil change, then about 0.5 L up to 5000 km. I changed the oil every 7500 km and it was down to the low mark. At the same time as buying the Pajero, we bought TF Magna 3.0 L manual transmission which was about 2 years old, an ex Dept of Environment car. It used zero oil - the oil was still on the full mark when it was changed at 7500 km. The contrast was quite marked.

Running conditions for both cars wee much the same - mainly long distance (100+ km) at 100 km/h. The oil consumption of the Pajero seemed to increase after 2000 km, and I blamed the breakdown of the additives in the oil for that. I don't think there was dilution because in particular the Pajero rarely had short trips whereas the Magna was the shopping trolley for us. Both cars ran on LPG, and the oil barely changed colour between changes.

Years later, I managed to drop a washer into the intake (sad story) and the engine ad to be stripped down (twice - even sadder story). When it was down, I looked at the bores and I could clearly see the original honing marks on the cylinder walls. I put new pistons and rings in 2 cylinders because the pistons were damaged. I checked the end gap in the compression rigs and they were still within original tolerance, so I didn't touch the other pistons. Oil consumption didn't change when the engine went back together.
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