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Generation 4-2 Pajero NT model 2009 - 2011

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Craka wrote: "I didn't realise that not hearing a indicator clicking was such an issue for people."

Where we live, the main access road out of town has tee intersection but the off road is not at right angles - it is about 60 degrees. Traffic turning left at this tee intersection has to signal (it is the law) but quite a few vehicles still travel along after that turnoff with their left blinker still going because steering wheel movement is not enough to trigger the automatic cancel. Since this is a main road heading out of town, a lot of traffic uses it and I have seen and heard of at least 4 crashes further down the road because other traffic saw the left blinker going and then turned out in front of the car. Same applies after leaving a roundabout, where you are required by law to signal left as you exit the roundabout. The signal does not always automatically cancel. That is why I made things more audible.
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I recall reading here once upon a time the volume can be adjusted with a mutt, but nit a normal mutt, needed an extra cable or add on or something that very few dealers had.
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NJV6 is right.
See here:
2012 PB Challenger LS Manual
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