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Default Transfer case noise, driveline vibration, shuddering

Son's ML Triton (4m41) played up today. Turned off freeway into Pakenham and at the first roundabout the car started shuddering and groaning, almost squawking. Appeared to struggle to keep going, even though the auto box appeared to still be trying to drive alright.

His initial thought was the tailshaft had started failing.

He managed to ontinue driving, and it sort of improve slightly.

He got to other son's house about 5km up road where I jacked a rear wheel up to see if I could get any noise or symptoms from uni joints.
Nothing, but did seem to get noise from layshaft area of transfer case.

Dropped oil out of transfer case and retrieved an almost square shouldered piece of metal a fraction bigger than a match. Oil was otherwise spotless.

Pulled the rectangular cover off the housing to inspect the high/low mechanism as that is where the noise appeared to coming from but found all intact and seeming to operate fine. Wasn't even any shapnel or dirty oil in the sump of this area.

Continued turning taileshaft to try to find location of noise. With cover off seems more like it is in the front of the transfer case.

When rotating tailshaft in a clockwise direction to replicate forward driving the noise is able to be heard.
But rotate backwards and it sounds like something is floating around and hitting on something.

I have googled and only found issues relating to out put shaft issues and chain drive issues.

I can't find any issues relating to input shaft area.

Transfer case is an Easy Select type, and the car has done about 260 or 270,000km.

Any suggestions on what it could be would be much appreciated.
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