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Old 17-06-19
klneedham klneedham is offline
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Default '92 4D56T Blowing Black Smoke, Idling Roughly, No Power

I recently had the head redone on my Pajero, and it blew just a little black smoke with acceleration from when it came out of the shop. The injectors were replaced also. All was well for 2-3 months. One oddity was that the engine fan ran all the time whenever the key was on, even when the engine was not running. This vehicle was new to me and I did not investigate the reason fan kept running.

Last week when navigating a particularly bumpy road, I heard a change in the engine sounds and slowly lost power over the course of the day (40-50 miles). There was an immediate increase in black smoke with acceleration, and I think that even when not accelerating black smoke was constant. Now engine idles exceedingly rough, there is almost no power, and there sense to be an additional rattling noise in the engine compartment. Turbo whine is gone or greatly diminished. Also, interestingly enough, the fan is no longer running constantly either.

I have checked all intercooler hoses. They are all newer and intact. Clamps are all tight. No water came out from the fuel filter when I drained it. I can pump good diesel through the line to the mechanical pump.

There has been from time to time a squeal with acceleration, usually after starting up in the morning, lasting 5 or so minutes, only on acceleration, and if I did not accelerate hard I would not hear it. I thought it was a fan belt noise, but am now beginning to wonder if it might be a bearing on the turbo. Turbo does not seem to whine any longer, and the squeal is still present, though I am not astute enough to tell where it is coming from, even when standing in front with the hood up.

Anyway, I am thinking I either blew the turbo or the fuel pump had gone out of time. Any other suggestions? I am not much of a diesel mechanic and actually know very little about diesel engine. Any help/advice would be appreciated.

I could not search this forum from my cell phone. I scrolled back several pages but could not find anything like this. If it had already been addressed, please forgive me for the duplication.

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Old 18-06-19
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Which fan kept on running? Intercooler fan I assume

It may be the EGR causing the black smoke and power loss. I blanked mine and engine performed better. You may simply disconnect the vacuum hose and block the rubber hose with a screw.

I can post a pic if you need visuals.
Nothing beats Doing It Yourself.... Tuned 4M40 and 4D56T WIP
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Old 18-06-19
klneedham klneedham is offline
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Default Pics

Pics would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Also, it was not the intercooler fan, but a fan in front of radiator I think. Comes from front of engine compartment, not top. Pretty sure it was the main engine fan, like the fan clutch was not disengaging.

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Old 19-06-19
Paul NT Paul NT is offline
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A similar thing happened to my NG, I had changed the timing belt about 50,000kms earlier and over a period of around 1000km it started smoking, losing power, difficult starting ang rough idling. A diesel mechanic looked at it and said these engines are prone to having the harmonic balancer slip and hence the timing alters. I never investigated further and sold it,
Cheers, Paul
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