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Old 12-06-19
jeyare jeyare is offline
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it is not about geo-location. It is about a tools :-). I'm from Slovakia.

You need an useful OBD-II device

Torque Pro APP - I have Android based Car radio, then OK

MUT plug-in for Torque Pro, done
ECU flashed to Mode23 ... what I'm looking for

Then you can read MUT protocol based sensors status

Back to OBD-II real-time logging (in sec.) via Torque Pro (running every day for me) - 3.2DiD 2008:
Catalyst Tempereture
EGR Commanded
EGR Error (both useful for EGR valve diagnostic)
Engine Coolant Temperature
Engine power kW/HP
Engine RPM
Fuel flow rate/hour(l/hr) or Fuel flow rate/minute(cc/min)
Fuel Rail Pressure(kpa)
Intake Air Temperature
Intake Manifold Pressure(kpa)
Mass Air Flow Rate(g/s)
Relative Throttle Position(%)
Throttle Position(Manifold)(%)
Transmission Temperature(Method 1)
Turbo Boost & Vacuum Gauge(bar)
Voltage, .... central control, OBD, ...
Volumetric Efficiency
... and lot of useful info about the trip, speed, GPS, ..... (when you need to know all the sources)
Now I tried search hidden sensors (HEX) and qualified them.
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Old 12-06-19
stumagoo stumagoo is online now
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you are trying to do something I have not seen done anywhere else - I have had no issues data logging with evoscan and as it requires no modding to anything its where I would be going
1994 NJ 3.0 now with a 2000NL 3.5 engine and driveline, 2.5 catback, 32" MT Deegan 38's, 1" body lift, front diff drop with front tension rods indexed and cranked an 3", 3" on the rear coils
*** retired to the big wrecking yard in the sky***
1998 NL blisterside, 285.75.16's on -22 rims 3" suspension lift, stealth winch install, custom front control arms, NJ GLS flares and some camping gear in the back

.... and 1990 Nissan Z32 300zx for on road shenanigans
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Old 12-06-19
disco stu disco stu is offline
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Being Slovakia I imagine they set it up the same as Australia. I thought maybe you were usa where they implemented obd2a lot earlier. But seeing yours is 2008 it's well into obd2 times. I assumed you had a gen 2 also
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Old 12-06-19
jeyare jeyare is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2019
Location: SVK
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My Pajo comes from UAE. But still same as the European.
Yes of course, there is OBD2 and MUT2 support (checked).
Let me explain this idea to you:

1. Many of car problems come from describable event sequences. And there is limited amount of the events. Good message for data analyze.
2. Many of the events must be proven by some Fault codes observation - for many of "technicians" it is first bottleneck.
3. Trouble comes when the Fault codes are vague or the technician is not sufficient educated about particular kind of car/events or when you have "smart guy" from a dealership, who can help you with a solution - purchase whole unit instead of replacement of small part (real problem reason).
4. Second stage is when your car has problem, but no Fault codes discovered. Then the technician can just wait for a discovery of such event sequences. Or when the Fault codes are identified, but you have to check 5 different stuff, spend a time. And the labor time cost are higher and higher.

But think about:
- you have logs from car operation (all the sensors), everyday when car was operated
- you can send it to your email (it works), or laptop (it works), cloud share (it works), App. The CSV format from Torque Pro is perfect.
- then you can the data evaluate:
a) as amateur - by guide of describable event sequences
b) as expert - raw data for Big picture
or you are able to move the data to experts.

An example:
- last week it was miracle for me. Thanks to Old Jack now I know, that Pajo has auto-immune protection of A/T by Brake switch light. Me and my technician spent 3 days of discovering source of problem in Airflow, EGR, APPS, TPS, ... Nothing discovered. OMG, it was really bad.
- but if I will in future receive data for the evaluation:
a) APP sensor provides right information about pedal operation
b) Rev sensor about RPM during APP sensor data capture
c) EGR sensor about the EGR valve error (command vs. real), during the APP data capture
d) TPS sensor abot right values
e) ECU log about the Brake light switch (on/off), etc.
I will be able find the source immediately - by a guide based on describable event sequences (check the switch) or by past experiences.
In comparison with cost of:
a) dealership diagnostic (and evaluation: purchase new A/T ECU) it must be peanuts
b) garage repair shop labor cost diagnostic (missing knowledge) still must be peanuts.

Now I looking for the real-time diagnostic data capture by MUT2 protocol, Integrated by OBD2.
Then send it to my cloud and when problem comes, use the data for fast check/discovery.

Second point is a prediction of future problem, second example:
- when your APP sensor (up to kind of) provides consistently more and more difference between two measured values (pedal position in % and pedal Voltage) from both potentiometers. It is time to purchase new one. Or wait for an unusable car day - because damaged APP sensor is really dangerous for a car operation - specially for an incidental change of Voltage detected by ECU from APPS (you expected speed slow, but car doesn't that).

This is the whole story.
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