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Old 19-05-19
steevo64 steevo64 is offline
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Question Pajero NJ 4M40 dump pipe removal

I recently purchased a Factory Direct 4x4 2.5" exhaust system (No instructions supplied). Other than getting the factory dump pipe off the job looks easy. I have found a bit of generic advice on this forum but nothing specific enough to assist in the best way of removing the dump pipe. Two of the 4 nuts are fairly accessible with the heat shields removed, the other two not so. The bottom 1 is probably accessible with the oil filter removed. Is anyone able to advise a basic step by step. Thanks in advance.
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Old 20-05-19
Martynhpajero Martynhpajero is offline
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Two from under the car. I think you can only get spanners on from memory. A few different 14mm spanners are handy. I might even have done one through the inner mudguard panel. Had to bend it a little bit too get my arm in. The new dump pipe might be even worse for clearance but at least the nuts will be loose.

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Old 09-07-19
na1291 na1291 is offline
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How did you go with this?

.. I was looking at their exhaust system actually and looks same as our one with only a 2.5" to 3" dump and back to 2.5"

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Old 10-07-19
steevo64 steevo64 is offline
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The only difficult part of the job was getting off the dump pipe and refitting it.
Removal: Remove the oil filter and 3 heat shields including the 1 on the firewall behind the exhaust. Get some lube onto nuts/ studs ASAP. Two nuts accessible from top, the inner left from underneath with a double length extension socket with uni joints and the bottom bolt from directly underneath with ring spanner (very limited movement). All the exhaust bracketing that attaches to the gearbox has to go. You will need to butcher a 14mm ring spanner so you can slide a breaker bar over it unless you're Hercules.
Install: The bolt holes in dump pipe don't align very well, so I drilled out the top and both side holes 1/2 - 1mm- can't remember drill size. The top and side bolts are easy to get on, the bottom one is a real &*^%#$ and took me and a mate a few hours of bald head scratching with red wine & port to figure out. The bottom stud is very close to dump pipe so you have to have the pipe back towards the end of the stud otherwise you can't get the nut on (Don't forget the washer). Also you can't get your hand in there to put the nut on. We butchered up the end of a plastic ruler by making it thin enough to get in there, then put a screw head thru the top of the ruler to rest the nut on- gently align the nut on the end of the ruler with the stud and spin on with a finger or screwdriver. Hopefully that helps.
The effort has been worthwhile as my economy has gone from 12.8 to 12.1 (with 32"tyres), my lowdown pickup starts about 200rpm earlier and I''m doing a lot less gear changes due to increase in power. The exhaust sounds a bit deeper but if you didn't know how the car sounded before you would think the exhaust was standard. Very happy overall.
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