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Old 22-09-12
coley_83 coley_83 is offline
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Originally Posted by Calspec View Post
We, being Pajero owners and drivers, are a HUGE market for manufacturers of products such as Camper Trailers. It just seems wrong that 'we' should be gagged from providing feedback of products to other such owners and drivers. If manufacturers want to find out how their product sits in the market, then by all means read/search/troll this forum. If any feedback you find is positive, then pat yourselves on the back, increase the marketing on the product and reap the benefits. If the feedback is negative then learn from it, accept the criticism then MAKE CHANGES TO THE PRLODUCT. Don't target the customer just because he found the product to be Grossly Inadequate Crap.

It doesn't matter if its Pajero Club Forum, Pradopoint or any such site associated with 4WD owners, if you put crap on the market, word is going to get around. This is the age of social communications, you can't hide behind the thin veil of a shiny coat of paint for long, you will get found out.



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Old 23-09-12
greybeard greybeard is offline
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Originally Posted by Pickle View Post
I don't think it will be that bad, maybe scathing attacks will be frowned on. We know where we stand legally so it's not the end of the world here.
The thread in question was back in late 2010 , so it had been up for a while. Supposedly the crowd has picked their game up a bit in regard to quality. But simply I think we would have been a lot happier for them to contact us direct and not through solicitors if they had a problem with statements on this forum.
Once a thread has been posted for more than a few minutes it has been scanned and saved somewhere on the internet. Deleting it from here makes zero difference. ( If it was posted in 2010, then it'd be an absurdity to believe deletion from here would remove the comment from view ). Do a search for a quote from the deleted thread and see what I mean.
By all means keep things civil and ensure that there is some means of identification of posters ( ie non generic emails ) and give the offended a right of reply. If the offended has addressed the allegation by refute or repair then they'll gain from the experience, if they haven't then it's their lookout.
The world has changed with the spread and speed of online media. Everyone needs to deal with it.
ps yes, I'm an admin on another internet forum, yes, we've had this kind of censorship request, yes, we've ignored it. We usually make the point of pointing out the absurdity of the request. ymov
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Old 23-09-12
Emu Emu is offline
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Originally Posted by cjmarsh81 View Post
Some places deserve to go out of business.
Yep, I had a few beers when I heard the trading post paper went bad. Treat your customers like muck and you'll get what's coming to you
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Old 23-09-12
goldnugget goldnugget is offline
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I didnt catch the thread in question, but if you are unhappy with a product or service and want to tell the world about it then check out whirlpool (not the washing machine). Its the main website for publicizing wrong doings relating to service and quality (as well as posts supporting any product or service)...the owners were hit with a lawsuit not long ago for not removing posts by request of a manufacturer/service providor but whirlpool won since the offer was there for them to have a right of reply but chose not to and whirlpool is essentially a public review site.

Anyway, I'd hate to lose this forum for any reason and the owners have the right to do as they wish with it, but I do like the idea of posting a sticky with 'names of businesses not to be mentioned due to the possibility of legal action'...they cant deny claims that would be diferent from that statement if they have already made contact to that effect .
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Old 30-10-12
Dude Dude is offline
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Here's a utopian view of things.

When I like something I love it and when I don't I absolutly depise it. I have very little middle ground in my black and white oversimplified view of things.

Perhaps the same extreme logic could be applied to critisism. If we were to simple say what is really good about the things we have success in, people will see this and support the good guys.

If someone reads a bad comment about a supplier, they probably won't go there which is to be expected and the purpose of the post, but they will anyway look for a place to go to, such as the ones we have endorsed through our good experiences. Hence list ing the good guys alone is almost as effective as having a moan anyway.

I do take the point that I will now have to take a leaf from my own book.

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Old 31-10-12
craka craka is offline
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Don't want to lose this forum and understand where admin is coming from however public opinion should be allowed to function. Would someone mind sending me a pm with the manufacturer not to be posted so I don't infringe on it? Thank you.
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Old 31-10-12
lenny05 lenny05 is offline
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So is it politically correct or perhaps manufacturer correct to be able to say...I have broken a XXXXX on a YYYYY.Has anyone else had problems with this??

Also what about the fault finding people are looking for..Look at the amount of posts about companion shafts on the NM/NP. Are we going to be gagged on looking for mechanical advice or from sharing experience both good and bad from both MM or any ancilliary corporation that we purchase from.

Isnt that what forums are all about???
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Old 03-11-12
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achjimmy achjimmy is offline
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Wholly poo does this mean no more bagging Pajero's ?
Travel safe


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