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Body and Soul Discussion about the chassis and body, paintwork, cabin fittings, air conditioning, etc.

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Old 17-03-15
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+1 for rear door squeak. Fixed it like this:

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Old 17-03-15
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Hated the transfer of road noise into the cabin, fixed by getting rid of vehicle!
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Old 17-03-15
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Originally Posted by Kumabear View Post

Originally Posted by geopaj View Post
You boys (or girls?) may find this dash rattle thread interesting. (I know this is for gen 4's but hopefully there is some info transferable to you gen 3's??)

I should have added dash rattle to my list of hates - I've done the 'cable tie mod' too
What exactly is this "cable tie mod" you speak of
The 'cable tie mod' is explained in the original link I provided. (I take it you didn't read the link?)

Page 9 even had photos and an explanation diagram.
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My Build Thread - HERE

Previously - NL Pajero (now owned by Forum member 'Gemster')
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Old 17-03-15
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Default Still hate it

The back door for all sorts of reasons, silly weak door strut (wind bent two), taking your life in your hands opening or closing it if parked on any angle.
Dust build up around "shelf" at bottom. Had to extend the draw bar on the off road van to be able to open the door.
Will be fixing it shortly by selling.

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Old 17-03-15
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Crappy foot rest - now fixed with one from an earlier model.

Loss of useful tool box from rear door - now a stupid little door that holds very little no fix

Loss of having two glove boxes - no fix

MMCS version 1 - but can't be bothered fixing.

Low beam lights fixed with new and better globes.

Missing out on standard rear diff lock

Other than the above - "Love that car"
NW Platinum MY 2012 DiD auto, Pearl White, Safari snorkel, full tint, all plastics, reverse sensors, H/D tow bar, spare wheel lift, full leather seats & trim, GME uhf, home built storage, dual battery, ARB Deluxe bar, Lovell HD springs with Ultimate shocks.
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Old 17-03-15
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Originally Posted by geopaj View Post
The 'cable tie mod' is explained in the original link I provided. (I take it you didn't read the link?)

Page 9 even had photos and an explanation diagram.
I've done the Cable tie mod and also added 2 x 5mm SS brackets to the centre of the dash as also explained in the linked thread, no dash movement now It also pays to tighten every screw/nut and bolt you can find when the dash is apart. I have a niggly rattle that I will need to investigate further but suspect its a screw in the instrument cluster that I haven't tightened up.

Picture of the brackets below: I had a mate fab these up in 5mm Stainless.

2012 NW Activ with all the fruit, stripped what I could for my new build and handed over to the Mrs as a daily driver.

Current vehicle: 2016 Y61 GU Patrol Legend series Auto, (Last of the Breed)
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Old 17-03-15
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Not much, really, except for

  • The way the interior plastics mark if you so much as breathe on them
  • The colour of the upholstery, which looks dirty, even after it's been vacuumed
  • The horrible noise that the rear door makes when you shut it.
Haven't really found a solution to any of these, yet although I'd like to put sheepskin seat covers on the seats, can't afford the second mortgage I'd need to get them.
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Old 17-03-15
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Keys have to be in ignition and turned to accessories/on for power windows to operate.


Four words ...

Goodsy's-power-window-mod (Gen 4 version that is).

Just done it after much procrastination and love it.

Still have full auto up/down capabilities, just now don't have to have the ignition/accessories on.

Thanks to Goodsy for putting it out there as a Gen 3 DIY back in 2011 and Dazz (mavtd) for Gen 4 fuse box photo last year.
2012 MY12 NW Exceed 3.2 DiD
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Old 17-03-15
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Default As it's not model specific I've moved to here..

After years of belting the rear bumper off road I replaced with a custom Rear Bar.

Hated the stock Bash plates replaced with Bushskinz the factory intercooler guard is practically useless off road.

Took 1 look at the air intake & ordered a Snorkel at purchase.

Stock Sound system was pretty average so that had to go!

Otherwise all good..

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Old 17-03-15
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When I first saw this thread I had a think and decided there werent too many things that I disliked about my NP Exceed Ive had it from new and Im very appreciative, ha ha - particularly when thinking back on some of my earlier cars.

After reading some of the replies, there are a couple of things that are probably annoying ...

1. Yes, as Sally said the rear door not opening wide when the trailer is hooked up that is a pain.

2. And I think it was Gus who said the plastic bash plates they were a joke really Mitsubishi !!

3. The way the intercooler for the 4M41 motor hangs down like dogs testicles at the front Ive holed one and it cost over $1,000 to get a new one fitted. I just wish the mod for the one above the motor had been available when it happened I would have gone that way.

4. My only other gripe is the stupid and annoying fault that raises its ugly head from time to time when the orange diff light starts flashing. Mitsubishi should have made this system more bullet-proof.

I dont worry too much about rattles and squeaks most cars develop them at some time and Im probably going a bit deaf anyway.

Overall, I love this Pajero. It is by far the best vehicle Ive ever had and Id be very hesitant about trading it in for a new one even if I did have the $70K or whatever it costs.


03 NP Manual Di-D Exceed, 2" lift, Dobinsons Springs, Lovells Shocks, ORU Winch, ARB Bullbar, Scott's Rods 3" Exhaust, ARB Compressor, Rear Air Locker, Cooper S/T Maxx, Hella Rallye 4000 S/Lights, Pioneer AVH-X5850BT DVD/Tuner w/- Reversing Camera, Sensa Tyre monitor, Uniden UH8080NB UHF, Rhino Platform Roof Rack, Hema HN-7 GPS, Engine Watchdog, CouplerTec, CTEK D250S DC-DC Charger, Snorkel, Towbar.
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