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Old 21-05-20
Mundy55 Mundy55 is offline
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Well, perhaps a penultimate feedback on the Auto-mate. I did a 300km circuit from Gold Coast through D'Aguilar NP and back yesterday. 2/3 on flatish highway between 80kph and 100kph. (Personally, I like travelling at 100gauge which is about 95kph actual, which I find to be a comfortable speed). For the hour drive to Brisbane, I achieved 7.8L/100km, a never before seen fuel economy for me. 1/3 on steepish winding roads, where I achieved around 9.5L/100km, again amazing for the hill work. Transmission temp stabilised flat or hilly at 57deg as long as I was moving. Overall a little less than 9L/100km for the trip.

As noted before, for me, on the steep (up or down) windy sections, I find sports mode the go. On up hills, it reduces gear changes as, in drive, it changes up as you ease off before the corner and lugs as you come out of a bend before it changes down again. Its like driving a manual and being in the right gear when you see what's coming rather than waiting to react after the event.

I had no problems with the quirks and on the long steep downhills I was able to drop it back to second where I wanted, for engine breaking.

For local short runs when things don't get hot enough and in stop start city runs, there's little benefit for me, either in transmission temp or fuel economy.

Haven't used AM8 with my camper yet, so you may have to endure another update sometime in the future.
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PaulMcG PaulMcG is online now
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I've just fitted Automate to my NX, and couldn't be happier with the results. There is the obvious improvement in ATF temperatures, but what isn't mentioned in a lot of feedback on this unit, (and Lockup Mate), is the noticeable lowering of Inlet Air Temperatures.

My initial quest to monitor and hopefully limit ATF temps while towing started with the fitment of an Ultra gauge a few months ago. (Another thanks to Marshall for his detailed instructions on how to customise this unit to display ATF temperatures.) Next came the lockdown, so I didn't think I would get a chance to get any indication while towing, and just managed to slip out for one quick day trip over the range before pulling down the shutters.

There's one final climb on the way home, a rise of about 300 metres over 3km, the first part is 70-80 kmh, before tightening up to 30-40 kph for the last 2Km. Vehicle lightly loaded, (about 300kg passengers and fridge all up, std sized tyres and preDPF lower final drive ratio, no bullbar, winch, or 2nd battery- just a nudge bar and Boos plates). With transmission in drive, 2/3 of the way up, the Inlet Air Temp alarmed at 105 degrees on the Ultragauge. Ambient air temp was only 26, so I was pretty surprised, and a bit concerned. I wasn't familiar enough with the Ultragauge to clear the alarm then get back up my other parameters before it was all over, but on reflection I started to suspect high ATF temps may have been a contributing factor, and decided on trying the Automate.

Once fitted, and with restrictions eased, I was straight back out to the same range. I did four runs, there was no traffic, so all at comparable speeds, but unfortunately winter had arrived and air temp was only about 15 degrees. (I also ran about 6km across the flats at the bottom of each descent to allow temperatures to normalise before the next subsequent run.)The results, at the top of the range:-

Run 1- Automate off, transmission in drive:-
Coolant temp - 88
Inlet air temp - 74
ATF pipe temp - 93
ATF pan temp - 76
(Outside air temp 15)
A nice smooth ascent, but obviously the TC was unlocked for much of the way.

Run 2- Automate on, transmission in drive:-
Coolant temp - 86
Inlet Air temp - 58
ATF pipe temp - 64
ATF pan temp - 64
(Outside air temp 15)
Automate stayed locked in 4th and 3rd for first part, then stayed locked in 3rd and 2nd for tighter part, but there was some hunting up and down and clunky changes between 2nd and 3rd.

Run 3- Automate off, Transmission in sports mode:-
Coolant temp - 86
Inlet air temp - 71
ATF pipe temp - 80
ATF pan temp - 72
(outside air temp now up to 16)
Changing between 4th and 3rd, then 3rd and 2nd, pretty much at the same places Automate was selecting. Obviously the TC was still unlocked, and for more of the time than I would have thought.

Run 4- Automate on, Transmission in Sports mode:-
Coolant temp - 86
Inlet Air temp - 66
ATF pipe temp - 66
ATF pan temp - 66
(outside air temp now 17)
Once again, selecting similar gears, but the TC was locked the entire ascent, and nice smooth changes. (IAT was up a little bit from the prior locked up run, but ambient was up by 2 degrees, and the transmission and changes felt so good, I think I slipped the boot into it a bit more.)

So the big variances for me, apart from the obvious lower ATF temps, was the ability to control the IAT's. Even with relatively low ambient temperatures, there was a 16 degree difference between the worst result with vehicle in drive and no lockup, and the full automate run. That can only be compounded on a hot summer day. Cooler, denser inlet air resulting in better fuel consumption, less heat, the circle goes round and round.

These tests were done on day one after fitment. After another 500kms, the learning function of the AT control unit seems to be improving some gear selection function. And a short trial run towing a van confirms all the other positive feedback on this excellent innovation.
NX 2016 GLS (non-DPF); MMA towbar, nudge bar; Boo's intercooler, sump, transmission Bash Plates 3mm; Donaldson secondary FF; Provent Catch Can; SPV mod; Stedi ST4K 28" lightbar; Falken Wildpeak AT3W; M and M Auto Mate
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old Jack old Jack is offline
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Hi Paul,

Welcome to the "converted mob", the locked up torque convertor that is. The benifets you discovered for yourself, I discovered over 2 1/2 years and 40,000km ago, almost too good to be true, but they are. There are not any safer or smarter aftermarket torque convertor control system than MM4x4's Lockup Mate and Auto Mate. Just wait until you get on the dirt and can experience the clutchless manual type gear changes you can do and the vehicle control that this provides, especially if you have paddle shifters.

2011 PB Base White Auto, Smartbar, Cooper STMaxx LT235/85R-16,TPMS, HR TB, 3 x Bushskinz, front +40mm Dobinson , rear +50mm EHDVR Lovells, Dobinson MT struts and shockers, Peddars 5899 cone springs, Windcheater rack, GME UHF, Custom alloy drawer system inc. 30lt Engel & 2 x 30 AH LiFePo batteries + elec controls, Tailgate hi-lift/long struts, Phillips +100 LB & HB, Lightforce 20" single row driving beam LED lightbar, Scanguage II.
MM4x4 Auto Mate, Serial No 1 .
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m_and_m m_and_m is offline
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Hi Paul,
Thanks for taking the time to do such a detailed comparison and sharing your results.
We’ve done similar test and got the same outcomes.
People tend to focus on fuel economy savings and ATF reduction, but in all reality with the torque converter locked when it’s able to, the engine just doesn’t need to work as hard. This means lower ATF, lower engine coolant temp, and lower air intake temp(AIT) plus better fuel economy as a Very nice side benefit.
The lower AIT is a real indicator of how much less the engine needs to work.

The torque converter is an amazing mechanic device, but has it’s limitations.
Your tests were with the vehicle pretty much stock. Imagine the difference when the car needed to work really hard while doing the same tests towing.

Again, thanks so much for sharing your testing results.
And thanks for the review. The results speak for themselves.

Yes, as the transmission’s adaptive learning get used to auto-mate it gets even better with time.

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2016 LC200 Sahara V8 Diesel,Lots of Mods
RETIRED 2003 NP Exceed 3.2 DiD Lots of mods
Build thread

Checkout our products at MM4x4 auto-mate now available

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NTBenny NTBenny is offline
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I've found the same occurs with EGT's. With Auto-mate using a lower gear and a locked TC there is a nice reduction in EGT's aswell.

2011 NT Pajero Platinum, Fullriver DC105 & Odyssey 35PC1400 batteries, MM alloy bar, Stedi 8.5" LED driving lights, Bushskinz side steps & bash plates, Provent 200, Auto-mate TC lockup, Derale fan forced transcooler, 2 micron secondary fuel filter, custom 3inch exhaust, JT intercooler, Bilstein + Lovells 2 inch lift, Airbag Man bags, DBA slotted rotors & DBA XP pads, braided brake lines, diff+gearbox+transfer breathers, Redarc boost & EGT gauge, H-Reese Compact brake controller, Uniden UH7760NB.
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