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General Info Pros and cons of different makes and models (incl. international)

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Old 31-03-19
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Originally Posted by Nab View Post
That seems to be a NX specific issue. My old NP and a mates NW work car have no noticeable difference driving between 2H and 4H.
I agree - I only know which mode I'm in by looking at the lights on the dash.

This seems to be an emerging issue, that 4H in later NX models introduces a vibration that isn't present in earlier models. Unfortunately, Mitsubishi Motors Australia's excuse for customer service has no idea how to deal with this, so they fob it off as "old design", hoping that the customer will simply go away and stop bothering them.

We have one or two members working to resolve this - hopefully they'll figure something out that other members can take back to MMA for a fix.
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Old 31-03-19
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Originally Posted by nj swb View Post
We have one or two members working to resolve this - hopefully they'll figure something out that other members can take back to MMA for a fix.
My first 1500kms checkup is around the corner and I will bring this up at every service.
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Old 02-04-19
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I like other NW owners have reported there seems a little more vibration in 4H with this model too.
I think that because it mostly comes through the accelerator pedal it seems worse than it really is.
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Old 09-08-19
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I am picking up my NT tomorrow morning...however I'm planning on running it in 4H most of the time.
Having owned 3 Land Rover Discoverys I am quite fond of the stability and traction given by AWD.
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Old 1 Week Ago
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I have owned an NT Pajero and now a Pajero Sport. I always leave it in 4H because the extra safety associated with it negates the extra fuel usage (if any, I cant actually tell as I get the same fuel figures in either mode).
I live in the country and when leaving a gravel driveway once, on the crest of a blind hill, the back wheels spun (I had it in 2H) and the traction control cut the engine power (as its designed to do) and I was stuck with no engine power to move quickly as a car suddenly appeared. Since then I will never drive it in 2H again for the sake of my family safety. The vehicle is designed to be driven in 4H continuously (just like a Toyota Prado), and for the life of me (and my family's safety) I cant ever see the need to ever drive in 2H. By the time you realise you need extra traction its already too late.
You wouldn't remove the airbags out of a car because it adds to the vehicle weight!

Thats my 2 cents worth. I hope nobody ever gets in the same bother as I did.
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