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Old 26-06-18
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Originally Posted by Ian H View Post
The other thing which turned me off a generator (apart from the extra weight) was the need to carry petrol.
Oh dear that is weak, I can carry up to 80L of petrol in jerries at any given time on Paj alone-usually at least 20L fully loaded.
You mentioned moving on if someone had a genny, problem is in many places you will either bump into more noisy campers or end up going home. You need a serious solar setup or need to move panels every hour to keep batteries topped up so gennys probably are popular given how much energy you get out of just 4L of petrol, add in lithium batteries to make it more appealing.

There are a good handful of ways to annoy campers without generators. Legal motorbikes, loud exhuat systems on 4wds, kids screaming & running around, music being played for hours during the day even if it's "quiet".
Id rather put up with a genny 30M away constantly through the night than the sound of kids & music during the day beacuse I actually wan't to enjoy the small time being awake.
The whole "its turned down/inst loud" attitude is flawed, see for example a slow dripping tap in a room can be very annoying.
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Old 26-06-18
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I didn't say I can't carry petrol, I said I don't want to carry petrol....I have a diesel car you might guess. There are areas in the land where it it totally unadvisable to carry petrol but i won't go down that path.

What generators and noisy kids have to do with it has lost me and the inference that they are mutually exclusive is flawed.
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