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Old 3 Weeks Ago
Exceed1976 Exceed1976 is offline
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Default centre diff light flashing, no low range

Hey all,

Unfortunately I have the dreaded centre flashing diff lock light issue on my 2007 diesel NS auto Pajero. I have read almost every post on this forum regarding a fix and have so far done the following.
- replaced 2wd/4wd, 4wd and 2wd switches on top of transfer case
- checked solenoids at front of engine bay and vacuum lines, al seemed fine
- checked diff switch resistivity, seem to work fine
- check actuator operation, slides across when moving between 2wd and 4wd

The centre diff light doesn’t flash in 2wd. As soon as I move from 2wd to 4h the light starts flashing. The car will range 4wd and have tested it Offroad to confirm all 4 wheels are turning. If I turn car off and move lever to 4Hcl or 4Lcl the light flashes immediately after turning car on and neither option engage. There is not the familiar noise of the car trying to engage centre diff Lock or low range.
Soo, the car engages between 2wd and 4h (with light flashing) but won’t engage 4Hcl or 4Lcl. I’m not sure what to do next? if anyone has ideas or similar experience be great to know. I’m meant to be heading to double island next weekend so be good to have low range working.
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Old 3 Weeks Ago
Exceed1976 Exceed1976 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2014
Location: brisbane
Posts: 63

Does anyone know the symptoms if the front diff switch is faulty? Will this cause the orange flashing centre diff light or just the green wheels to flash? I tested the resistance of this switch and seemed to work fine.
Also has anyone had experience fixing the low range actuator on the back of the transfer case? If this is broken not sure why I get the flashing light in 4H but running out of options...
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