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Originally Posted by nj swb View Post
Related, but different - just like mass and density are related, but different.




Wrong. Heat and temperature are different. Higher combustion temperature, but it doesn't make anything run hotter, because the amount of heat is well within the engine's capacity to dissipate it.

You need to understand the difference between heat and temperature. A small campfire coal at 1000 degrees contains much less heat than a large lump of iron at 600 degrees. Higher temperature / less heat versus lower temperature / more heat.

Drop each into a bucket of water, and see what happens to the water temperature. The water can absorb a small amount of heat from a higher temperature source much more easily than it can absorb a large amount of heat from a lower temperature source.

Similar principle with an EGR delete - a small amount of heat from elevated combustion temperatures under light load, versus masses of heat from lower combustion temperatures under heavy load. The engine is designed to dissipate the heat under heavy load, and can easily cope with any extra heat under light load.

Heat and temperature are different.

Because it's not an issue. The engine is designed to cope with much more heat than will be generated by an EGR delete. Manufacturers would quite happily throw away all their EGR systems if they weren't required to meet emissions tests. EGR systems aren't required to manage engine heat dissipation.

Don't get me wrong here. I'm not advocating that people rush out to install EGR deletes. But this argument about increased combustion temperatures causing issues is wrong. Worrying about the combustion temperatures under light throttle conditions isn't a valid reason to avoid disabling EGR.

Worrying about NOx emissions might be.
I appreciate your comments.

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pharb pharb is offline
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Egr introduces inert gas (exhaust) into inlet manifold at light, low power or cruise throttle conditions to reduce combustion temperatures to reduce amount of NoX produced, with the resultant increase in soot, incompletely burnt fuel which then needs a DPF to catch.

Maximum combustion temperatures reached at maximum fuel conditions, or basicaly maximum throttle, maximum load, maximum boost. Under these conditions EGR is not operating, regardless of whether fully functional, blocked, or defeated.

If EGR was open all the timeit would be different, but it isn't. If it was required to be open all the time you wouldn't need an EGR valve. The manufacture could use another method such as just inlet reduction or similar to reduce combustion temperatures.

The use of variable exhaust gas recirculation allows the manufacture to tune the engine for minimum emisssions at cruise conditions whilst maintaining maximum power output at full throttle conditions.
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My old Pajero has now covered 280k plus, ( I still have contact with the owner), the EGR delete was done by me when the vehicle had less than 400km on it, the vehicle has towed a caravan thru out it’s life
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Iíve done about 50K Km with the delete and 40K Kms with catch can on a car now with 239K Kms. I get about 100ml of oil from the catch can in 10K Kms.

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Smile Egr delete

Originally Posted by Talisker View Post
This is not a debate about whether or not its good to defeat the egr function. I am simply interested to see how many KM,s people are running up with an without an EGR.

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