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Turgid_Bombastic Turgid_Bombastic is offline
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I've owned a swag of swags over the years.

Canvas will last longer wear better, but depends how often it'll get used. I used to live in mine, literally, and they would last years. Synthetic will rip and tear much quicker.
There are a lot more swag manufacturers than the two you have referred to. Be bold and try a local Aussie made product, of which there are many around the country. Some will even do it 100% custom to order!

Double swags are a waste of space IMO, too bulky and too difficult to roll up. If you wanna go down that path though, DO NOT get a King single. I tried this for 6 weeks once, possible, not enjoyable.

Skip the inflatable mattresses. The entire point of a swag is that it's quick and easy to set up and pack up.
Depending on your weight, the thicker the better, but bulkier. I'm a skinny arse so can get away with a skinny mattress.

Make sure you go for a plastic/rubber base, lest you'll be carting prickles around the countryside/drying your swag out after rain.

Getting one that makes up like a little tent is a good idea for when it rains, unless you plan on being under the awning anyway. IMO they're a pain in the arse, and by the time you've set it up with all the little poles, you may as well have set up a tent! Good to have when you need it though.

For those hot nights or nights by the water with mossie activity, get yourself an instant mossie dome (like a big version of the thing you put over your bbq meat to keep the flies away). You can get the swags with the fly mesh built in already and sleeping by a billabong with the fly mesh on your swag is great to not get eaten, but not very peaceful when the little buggers are 2" away from your ears, waiting for a feed!
Pop up the instant dome and throw your swag in. Less than 2 min.

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nj swb nj swb is online now
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Some semi-random thoughts:

I like to think I don't feel the cold, and typically sleep in PJs, with a very thin inner-sheet in a down sleeping bag, on a Thermarest. Do I really not feel the cold, or have I lucked onto a good setup?

Physics nerd stuff: my sleeping bag (and Thermarest) provide warmth by trapping air, which is heated by my body and ensures the heat can't easily escape. In terms of the sleeping bag, the down "lofts" to create a large volume of air that can't circulate by convection, and is great at cutting down heat loss by conduction and/or radiation.

In my tent, there is nothing to stop the sleeping bag from "lofting", and creating this nice insulating "bubble" over my body, to trap all of my body heat that is trying to rise. The small tent itself also traps air, helping to trap some of my body heat that escapes my sleeping bag, and also slowing (I presume) heat loss by convection and radiation (probably not so much by conduction).

What happens in a swag? Does the weight of the canvas push down on the sleeping bag, preventing the down from lofting and creating the insulating bubble? Do swags provide this extra insulating "bubble" that I enjoy in my tent?

I guess it depends on the design of the swag. Would some of the artificial sleeping bag fills work better in a swag than down? Would some swag designs help to trap "waste" heat better than others? Are some swag designs "warmer" than others?

If I understand history, the swag was originally canvas and woollen blankets - would woollen blankets still work better in a traditional swag than a modern down sleeping bag?
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Jasonmc73 Jasonmc73 is offline
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Geez when i use to hunt no kids few blokes, swag was excellent.

Not a tent thing, just heavy duty canvas roll, like wax converters canvas, not that junk they import, thin mattres & the inner was horse rug inner, with a weather flap could pull over my head.

Those days are long past, but for long stay it was tarp between the trees & the sideboards of the ute on top on round steel oil drums that were used for jerry cans was the table.

Disposable jerry cans if need be & those swags, dust repellent, stayed dry, if a dog peed on it travelling wasn't desirable but not the end of the world could wash it down etc, if your out west in winter don't tell me it aint cold

Frost under the stars on top of canvas is no bother & if it's black soil country & rain sets in, definately time to leave anyhow.

Depends on the travel in my opinion, but a swag certainly worked for me.
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disco stu disco stu is offline
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Good point raised above, twice. Are you looking at the tent type swag with poles, or the type that just lays over you? My comments all related to the type with poles, and I think there is a lot of merit in the ones that just lay over you as there is no set up time-roll it out and ready to go
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Jasonmc73 Jasonmc73 is offline
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I also use to roll my clothes inside for short trips, jacket & jumper stuffed down behind ute seat & in the frosty stuff, tuck the weather flap over your head she was warm as toast, real warm.
Of course blanket, pillow inside etc

That swag is like 30 + years old & i no longer use it but it is still in the family & i know who does, true story.

Fully waterproof,unless of course the tide mark was above zipper height.

I recall once on Moreton island we camped under stars on weather beach rite up against dune's with fire case of beer etc, undo strap roll out swag = bed

Unbeknowns to us King tide early morning, woke up with water views that's for sure

Those tent things i see now days the canvas is junk in my opinion & the concept sort of defeats my idea's of a swag in a way, just personal opinion.

Mine would be Aussie made & the canvas was bulky, but secure & water proof, brand obsolutely no idea.
Mitsubishi Pajero NX MY16

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