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Scorpro Turn your Gen 4 Pajero into the sports car it should be with our Paddle Shift Kit

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Default Paddles - The Times They Are A-Changin'

(With apologies to Bob Dylan.)

A few years back, I figured out how to add transmission shift paddles to a Gen 4 Pajero, and posted the info on this forum here.

A good bloke asked if I'd put a kit together for him to fit, and I couldn't refuse - so I started selling kits through this forum - see here.

I was lucky to find a batch of genuine Mitsubishi paddles assemblies at bargain basement clearance prices, and bought all that I could - cheaper than I could by second hand units from wreckers, when I could find them.

Later, after some good folks in the middle-east gave me a heads-up, I found a source for Challenger steering column covers that come with paddle cutout slots and fit the Pajero, at a competitive price - so labour to produce the kits was halved, and I was able to offer a price reduction.

But all good things must come to an end. I'm running out of stock of the cheap paddles (and can't get more), and have even less stock of the Challenger covers (and don't expect I'll be buying another batch).

What does this all mean?

Once my current stocks are depleted I won't be able to sell paddles kits using all new parts - I will be at the mercy of wreckers for availability of used parts.

To add insult to injury, parts from wreckers will not only be more expensive, but are also likely to be of lesser quality.

So if you've been thinking about paddles, think about this - would you prefer an all-new kit at current prices or take your chances on the quality of a more expensive kit using second-hand parts, as & when I can find them...

Just sayin'...
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