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Giving them a Rap! Had a good experience with a business. Praise them here!

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Old 02-05-19
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Default Rhinomax Campers Queensland

Ok, short story long..just a little..

I have bought a 2014 Rhinomax Warrior Rear Fold camper...Rhinomax do not make these any more...they have moved into the Hybrid type of camper....anyway...I am the second owner.
I want to do a couple of mods..just to make it comfortable for Kayleen and my type of "off Grid 4wd camping" we partake I needed a couple of 35mm stainless steel square saddles for some backets..I wanted to be consistent to the build quality of the Rhinomax ethos...its a ADAH male thing...I live with it...
Kayleen says to me...tongue in cheek.." perfection is the slowest form of death.." the female sex...can't work it out...
...try as i may...every Stainless Sreal fabricator in the Northern Rivers into SE Queensland...nadda ...nothing going.
So in desperation ..I bung off an email to Rhinomax...with photos of the part that I am after and the mod that I am trying...and if possible, could point me in the right direction.
Now here is me thinking...
I may get a reply from Rhinomax in about 2 days...1 week.
Nah..I should not have worried....
Tha's the ADAH thing I live curse in life...
It was 20 minutes later...they knew that this camper had been sold by xxxxx from the Gold Coast and the vin number of the put me down as the next owner, so they can track the camper and check to see how it is performing...
Talk about customer service...
The Rhinomax staff member went and asked the assembly and engineering crews about the issue I was the reply they stated that they do not have a part number for it...but Whitworths were the supplier...mention xyz...and you will be looked after.
On the "dog and bone"..a phone call to Whitworths describing the part contact person from Rhinomax...and BINGO...the part is $$$$ address and it will be forwarded to you in the next mail.
The ADAH in me was happy...the part found...30 minutes on the tools and the mod will look the part on the Rhinomax Warrior..
So a public thank you to Rhinomax Campers
I am happy and the ADAH perfection tick I have, has been subdued by your excellent customer service...
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