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Old 29-07-19
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Default Installing GME Tx3100 into NX Pajero

Here is how I mounted my GME TX3100 UHF,
This was by far the most difficult job I have done on the car yet.

I am very fussy when it comes to the placement of a UHF in the car. For me it doesnít work having them mounted on the centre console, or under the steering wheel on account of having giraffe legs!
Almost purchased a headless unit, but everyone has a budget, and as the UHF doesnít receive tons of use, I decided on a simpler TX3100 UHF.
Removing the panels was a massive PITA. In particular, the large panel under the steering coloumn. I broke the clip just above the key entry clean off and had to make a trip to the big green shed for Epoxy to repair it. DOH!

When I got the trim removed and removed the card slot, there isnít much behind there to mount to.
I tried all the Aerpro universal mounts for various cars, from the good old Supercheap, Repco, Autobarn, but none of them would fit.
Not to mentition they are all black, which would have looked slightly out of place in a mostly grey dash.
Then, I got creative.
Visited a local wrecking yard where I found an early 00's Pajero that had a pocket in reasonable condition, and it came with these mounting brackets, which so happened to align up perfectly with the existing holes!

After refurbishing the plastic with a pit of toothpaste, oil and spit, it looked as good as the day it was manufactured!
While I was at the wrecking yard, managed to also steal the footrest out of that car too!
See here

Using some bolts, I bolted the pocket in place, but not before mounting the GME bracket for the UHF to sit in.

Now Iím sure you are thinking that the sound quality is going to be below average mounted there, and you are right.
I also mounted a remote speaker right above & behind the fuel and bonnet latches near my feet as the direction of the speaker looks straight up at me along the steering column. The sound is much better!

Once again, I am a fussy bugger and wanted the mic mounted remotely.
I grabbed a 6P6C RJ12 and simply extended the length of the mic lead up to the driverís seat.

Undecided now either to mount on the seat post, or in the centre console.
I knew these Telstra 6P6c sockets I was collecting would come in handy!

Hope that helps you, or provides some inspiration!
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