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Fuel and fuel systems Petrol vs Diesel, LPG Conversions, premium fuels, and all that gas

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Old 31-07-18
David V David V is offline
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Default Are short town trips bad for DID?

Hi all.

Our family is on the lookout for another Pajero.

After reading many posts it seems the DID is great for medium to long trips, but if used in town on many short trips it may not be great. Could anyone verify this for me.

I'm really leaning toward a NP or newer manual diesel as I have heard so many great reviews etc. My potential problem is that my work involves multiple town trips anywhere from 4kms to 15kms up to 10 times a day - this includes taking kids to school and back as well.

My wife and I, and boys, are very happy with the Pajero and really want another one. Looking at diesel as we may get a caravan in the near future.

Any thoughts would be apreciated.


2001 NM Auto 3.5
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Old 01-08-18
MTN-KAT MTN-KAT is offline
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In a word "YES".
They are more problematic in that they get more carboned/sooted up. After all they are a sooty engine to begin with. Came from an industrial background where they run all day, happily. Dealers in the UK advise new car buyers not to buy diesel if they do mostly short trips.
The emissions from modern petrol engines is less toxic than diesel. Don't see clouds of black smoke emitted from petrol engine under acceleration but even new diesels do this. Oil burners they are. To make matters worse the quality of diesel in Aus is poor or so I have read.
The Chinese SUV brand HAVAL was to be all diesel but were switched to petrol at the last minute due to global rejection of diesel powered cars in the city. India, Paris, London etc have moved in this direction so for a global vehicle manufacturer like HAVAL who want to sell vehicles globally have decided the future is petrol, especially now with 8 speed autos and turbos to go. The HAVAL H9 is a good example with 2 litre petrol engine and got in the top ten 4x4 list second year in a row.
Alternatives for you? Your right in the era where the world was told diesel will save the planet (how that flew I will never understand) so the petrol engine got dropped for a few years but it's back. You could look at a 3.8 litre V6 but expect higher fuel consumption than the current 3.5 litre you are feeding. Considering you plan to tow a caravan (which the 3.8 V6 will do) you buy diesel knowing there will be desooting (is that a word?) expenses, and if the diesel motor ever dies they are three times as expensive to repair over the petrol. Turbos and diesel pumps cost thousands each too but not so on the 3.8 V6 petrol. OOOH I can hear the diesel guns being cocked now. It's best you make your choice with eyes wide open. Cheers.
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Old 01-08-18
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Shots fired, shots fired. Damn these petrol lovers. Jokes.

From what I've read diesels with a DPF block up if only being driven on short trips. If you do go diesel then try to get one with no DPF.

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Old 01-08-18
Having Fun Having Fun is offline
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We have had an auto 3.8 petrol NP for 3 years & a manual 2.5L turbo diesel Ute for 8 years.

The Ute short trips most days. Never does a long trip unless we're on holiday in it. No soot issues as yet. I have not blocked the EGR.

The NP is a great car, far more comfortable & drive-able than the Ute. But when it tows a caravan the fuel usage makes my eyes water!
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Old 01-08-18
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NFT5 NFT5 is offline
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Originally Posted by MTN-KAT View Post
In a word "YES".
They are more problematic in that they get more carboned/sooted up.
Oh? Where?

My Pajero does short trips of around 4km each way to and from work each day.

After 5 years it is no sootier than when new in the intake manifold. The exhaust doesn't seem any sootier than any other and it only blows clouds of black smoke when I plant the foot and put it under load - just like it did when new.

As for engine wear, oil does get changed more regularly than required in the book servicing, recognising that this is a more "severe" application.

The one thing that does happen is that the battery doesn't get enough time with engine running to fully charge. This means that it needs periodic connection to a charger to keep it topped up. I haven't noticed any soot in the battery.
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Old 01-08-18
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KiwiNTPajero KiwiNTPajero is offline
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It has long been the case that diesels are much more happy with longer runs.I rarely do less than 25 ks at a time. and prolly 10 to 15 mins of that are at 100 kms .hr.
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Old 01-08-18
Plez Plez is offline
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Originally Posted by NFT5 View Post
I haven't noticed any soot in the battery.

I laughed at that a lot more than I should have
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Old 01-08-18
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Pajshomoneroguntero Pajshomoneroguntero is offline
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A little soot about the thread though after the flaming
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Old 01-08-18
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Mazda just released the Cx8 diesel.. Thinks diesel will be around a lot longer then some are forecasting ...

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Old 02-08-18
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I wouldn't worry about the soot issue. I had my NP 3.2 for over 5 years, did lots of short trips in between the big trips towing the camper, it drove the same when I sold it as it did when I sold it.

One issue withe the NP 3.2 is the injector pump issue. While not super common, a few on this forum have failed and you are up for around a $6k repair bill unless you can get a good secondhand one. I would go for a NT onwards if you can.
SOLD 2004 NP 3.2 auto
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