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Fuel and fuel systems Petrol vs Diesel, LPG Conversions, premium fuels, and all that gas

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Old 27-01-15
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Unhappy Using too much fuel?


I am new to the forums and owning a 4WD so im sorry if i sound a little clueless. I just brought a 2000 3.0 V6 Auto Escape Pajero (hope thats right) and it has a 85L tank, we fill it up with unleaded 91 and it seems to only last 400-450 km. I dont know if it seems right, its different for me because my Mazda 3 has a 45L tank and can get minimum 450km so i wasnt sure if it was using too much and how i would go about making it last longer. It has a roof rack if that changes things and we mainly so city and highway driving to and from work. There is only one big hill to and from work so nothing major so i dont know what to think. If its normal thats cool but i just wasnt sure having such a small car using nothing to having a big car using a lot. Especially because the car sales ad said it should be doing a minimum 600km up to just over 800km a tank and i got it from a used car dealership.
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Old 27-01-15
coldbeer72 coldbeer72 is offline
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Very much doubt you will EVER get 800k from a tank.
I have a 2003 3.5 and the best I ever got was just on 700km from a tank.
And that was for about 2 weeks after a major service.
I have neglected to old girl quite badly recently(front tyres are just about shot and is about 20,000km over due for an oil change), but am still getting close to 600km from a tank.
Is my daily drive, so about 100km round trip to work.
And breaks down to roughly 85km highway/15 country hills.
Dunno what to say, maybe I just got a good one?
Try oil change/running 95 fuel/injector clean and see if that helps.
Know I would be spewwin if I was only getting 450km from a tank.
2003 NP Exceed. STOCK this stage
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Old 27-01-15
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Start with all the simple basic items.

1) Correct tyre pressure
2) Oil, oil filter change
3) Air filter change
4) Oxygen sensor change
5) MAF clean
6) Throttle body, and maybe even intake manifold clean

Some questions for you.

What size tyres are you running? If oversized from standard, this will be heavier, chewing more fuel, and will change your odometer reading making you think you are chewing even more.

Are you in Power or Normal mode on that little A/T switch?

When was the last time it was serviced? Including all things like gearbox, transfer and diff oils?

It isn't in 4wd is it?

Overdrive turned on or off?

Are you getting torque converter lockup? Should be evident when cruising, you'll see the revs drop a bit without backing off from the go-pedal.

What is the typical driving style of those who drive it? A bit of go-pedal to keep up with traffic or they always get away from you at the lights? Do you drive up to red lights and hit the brakes or back off the pedal long before you get to the lights and coast up, minimal braking or if you are lucky and time it well enough, no braking?

Yes the roof rack will be making the economy worse. It's weight and drag that you are constantly trying to move. Along with any other accessories or just general stuff loaded in the car that it gets driven around with daily.
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Old 27-01-15
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you are comparing apples and oranges .A mazda three will be one of the more economical cars.A petrol pajero is completely the opposite.However if you say you use say 70l for 450 ks thats 15 .5 l 100 k.Thats probably not unexpected if you driving stop start and hills
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Old 27-01-15
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Originally Posted by lilmishy View Post

a 2000 3.0 V6 Auto Escape Pajero (hope thats right) and it has a 85L tank, we fill it up with unleaded 91 and it seems to only last 400-450 km.
A 2000 Escape would be an NL and it would have the SOHC 3.5 ltr 6G74.
450 from 85 litres is close enough to 19l/100km which is what you would expect if towing a caravan! not general empty use.
First thing I would do is take the roof rack off (if you don't need it on) and check you tyre pressures. Next would be to give your throttle body and air flow meter a clean and then have a look at the o2 sensor. For the price, if you don't know when it was last replaced, I would put a new one in anyway.
Driving style can change the economy on these vehicles GREATLY but driven reasonably you should expect between 12-15 l/100km.

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Old 29-01-15
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Had similar experience, change your fuel filter, easy job as they get blocked, plugs change them, as mentioned earlier, air filter, maf sensor clean, make sure you use maf sensor cleaner NOT CARBY OR THROTTLE BODY CLEANER, O2 sensor, also get your injectors cleaned. Also how long since the trimming belt was done?
Start with the easy items you will notice an improvement. Hope all this and the above helps
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Old 29-01-15
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Hi mate

I had a 1998 model petrol and from memory it was a 3.5lt so as Tom said above, yours would be too not 3.0lt. I bought mine new and from the very beginning it was a real gas guzzler and the only reason I eventually got rid of it and bought the NP diesel I still have.

18.8lt / 100km. is pretty bad I think I used to get around 15-16lt. / 100km. so maybe you should be getting closer to 550 to 600km. per tank. Then again, mine was a manual and if yours is an automatic you will use more fuel. Check your tyre pressures are up around the 36psi. I've never found driving with the transfer box in 2H or 4H makes much difference to fuel economy I always use 4H when it is raining or on a gravel road anyway.


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Old 29-01-15
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Are you actually using 85L or is that just the tank capacity? How much fuel does it take to fill up at the bowser?
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Old 21-06-19
christianungapen christianungapen is offline
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You know what guys I did a trip round in in my nl and I was getting 850 kms to a tank 110l wired thing tho when I was in the east coast every fuel co had e10 an know what my car loved it just saying
I've a nm 3.5 and this thing is doing the same poor mileage and has a slight miss stinks of fuel in the morning start up changed tps and Iac made an improvement but still idles hell low at a stop in gear any ideas?
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