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richard d richard d is offline
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Default Whisteling noise on cold start up

hi all ,new to the forum and i have been searching every where for this kind of issue (I THINK SOMETIMES ITS IN THE HEADING)
It has probably been covered but thought i would ask anyway ,
every morning i start up the pajero i get this whisteling noise (sound like a steam whistle like a train)
whirring sound .
Its not the vacuum hoses tested them ,its comming from the front of the engine .

i am leaning to believe it is one or two of the idler pulllies as when i spray them with so WD40 it stops for a few seconds then returns .once the engine is warm and has run for a bit its gone?

then returns the next cold morning on start.

have ordered the pullies and a new belt to fit what would be the next thing to look at .
only had the car 2 weeks .oh and ( I AM THE WARRANTY )

any advice would be nice cheers
2003 NP Exceed (JAN BUILD) current driver
1998 GLS
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HeavyPizzaz HeavyPizzaz is offline
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I had a similar noise that I described as a whistle on a TD Santa Fe a few years back and it was the exhaust manifold gasket, only takes a tiny fault / crack or the like to create a whistle when cold and once it was hot that small air passage was closed due to expansion. Noise gone once replaced.
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Perhaps check the tension on the belts before you take them off and maybe a squirt of 'Belt Grip'

I'm not sure the likes of WD40 is a good thing on belts.......just my thinking.....
2005 NP Platinum Edition, DiD Auto
2009 VW Crafter motorhome
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Kingbrown Kingbrown is offline
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I've known of a crook alternator producing a high pitched whistle. Short brushes or faulty diode(s).

High charge rate (after startup) or heavy electrical load made the whistling noise more pronounced.
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