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Default Power Steering Jerky

Our NH Pajero now has jerky / shuddering steering when the car is idling. I have had a look at the belt and it seems loose to me, I am able to twist the belt further than 90 degrees which seems to be a test a lot of people use for belt tension and I am able to rotate the pulley on the power steering pump quite easily when the car is off (the belt does not spin with the pulley when I do this).

When I get the rev's up the steering improves. Would I be correct in thinking that the belt is too loose and at low revs the pump is just not spinning fast enough due to slipping but whilst I am driving it is improving slightly because the engine is obviously revving faster (even though it is probably still slipping?).

I have checked the fluids and everything is normal. I didn't want to mess with the belt unless I was fairly confident that was the culprit.

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El_Freddo El_Freddo is offline
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Id tighten the belt if you think its loose.

If the issue persists, look into the steering knuckles - one might be internally rusted and causing more friction in the steering system than normal. It will feel like a rumbly sensation when you rotate the steering wheel. I had this issue on my off-road Subaru.

You might find one joint looking rusty from/around one of the bearing cups. If you try twisting the two parts of the joint in opposite directions, sometimes you can feel or see the wear. The two parts of the uni joint should not move closer or further apart when referencing the two correlating bearing cups while trying to twist the uni joint in opposite directions.

The other inspection is to remove the uni joint buckled altogether and rotate through the full range of movement the uni joints allow. Any resistance or rumble like feelings = a dead uni joint.


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